Book Review: "Heather" by Debra White Smith

Independent Women Part 1

To the public eye Heather, Lorna and Brittan are three bored rich girls who have plenty of time on their hands. Little do most people know that these 3 women are really secret crime fighting agents who fight for justice and what's right. In the first book in the Debutantes series, we meet Heather who's trying to keep her identity secret from the man she's interested in. However Duke seems to be falling in love with her secret identity. Will she be able to keep her love life and her crime fighting identity separate?

The three girls reminded me of Charlie's Angels. Crime fighting girls who keep their identities secret from boyfriends and other family members. I love reading stories about women who can kick butt, are smart, and be pretty all at the same time. Their adventures were exciting, suspenseful and funny. I'm glad to read that not all rich people are stuck up snobs (although some people could interpret what they do as rich girls being bored). I liked Duke's character, and I loved reading about him bringing Heather back to visit his family. The chemistry between the two was very realistic and one of the most romantic couples I've ever read in Christian fiction. You could really feel the sparks between them especially during that beach scene!

There was only thing that really irked me while reading this book. While Heather can completely defend herself and fight better than most men could, she seemed to want to portray herself as helpless and in need of a man to protect her. I understand her reasoning that some men might be scared off because of a women being stronger than them but seriously, that is so old fashioned. It's one thing not to tell Duke about being "The Rose" and the things she and the other girls did. But it's another thing completely to act like a needless princess waiting for her hero to rescue her. I mean seriously, if a guy dumps you because you know karate and can defend yourself, he's not good for you anyways! Other than this, I really enjoyed reading this book. It's a great mix of romance and adventure and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Heather by Debra White Smith is published by Harvest House (2007)


  1. Your review convinced me to give the book another try. I couldn't get pass the slang. To me, it didn't fit the character's image. Paris Hilton rich, yes, but I went in thinking the characters were from old, well-bred money. I'll give it another go.


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