Book Review: "The Guy I'm Not Dating" by Trish Perry

I kissed dating goodbye

Isn't it ironic? Just when Kara decides she's not going to date, the perfect guy comes along and wants to date her! Gabe is everything she wants in a guy: nice, kind, sweet, gorgeous and a Christian. Unfortunately she's not looking to date anyone at the moment. That doesn't stop Gabe from wanting to hang out with her all the time, even to the point of being on a road trip with her from Virginia to Florida. Packed with lots of supporting characters that bring oomph to the story, this take of a non-dater is sure to please the chick lit fan in you.

I have mentioned before how much I love chick lit right? There's just something about reading women my age, going through the same situations I'm in, that makes for a great read. This book fits all those expectations and more. I admired Kara for her no dating policy. It's a different approach for a chick lit book as opposed to all the other stories where the girl tries to get the guy. It was an interesting switch to have the guy want to try to get the girl this time. I felt Kara and Gabe's chemistry was excellent throughout the novel. He seems like a great guy and someone who'd I'd like to date (if I wasn't already attached that is). I also enjoyed Kara's attitude towards Tiffany. I know Christians are supposed to be non-judgmental and be loving, but it is normally not realistic to act happy when someone annoys you. So I was glad to read that while Kara didn't act catty toward Tiffany, she did get annoyed and frustrated at her. It's ok to NOT like someone and still be a Christian.

I will admit, in the beginning of the book, I didn't like Addie at all. Not that I have a problem with elderly folk, but I don't like it when they assume things and push people around to have things done their own way. And then they will use their age as their excuse, and since the rule is to always obey your elders, they will always get their way. So I was frustrated at first with Addie and her meddling. But as the story went on, I grew to like her very much, especially when we meet up with her sister and their adventures together.
I'm also hoping that there will be a book on Jeremy. I love British guys, there's just something about that accent! It makes me just picture him as a Jude Law lookalike. This was a really fun book to read. The characters are all very colorful, the writing fresh and witty, and the story fast paced and a joy to read. Trish Perry has definately made her mark in the Christian chick lit world and it's a definite winner!

The Guy I'm Not Dating by Trish Perry is published by Harvest House (2007)


  1. I liked this book too. The sequel is great too. :) Have you read Miss Match by Erynn Mangum?

  2. Love Trish's books :) How are you????


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