Book Review: "The Restorer's Son" by Sharon Hinck

Great fantasy for non fantasy readers

Susan and Mark thought that life could go back to normal after they returned through the portal back to their own world. But then they realized that their son Jake has now gone into the world of the Lyric and they have to go back to get him. Now the role of the Restorer has been bestowed upon Kieran, who's not too please with his new responsibilities. It takes a personal battle with the One before he realizes the job he must do in order to save his people. Will he be able to protect the People of the Verses and help Susan and Mark find their son?

Like I've said before, fantasy is a genre I don't normally read. I have a great imagination but outside of Star Wars, Narnia, or LOTR I'm not too good with imaginary worlds. However, this series has totally bridged the gap between women's fiction and fantasy allowing the two audiences to enjoy the story. With a modern female lead character, the audience is able to relate to both the outside world and the world beyond. I loved returning to the world of the Lyric. It felt like returning to Narnia or going back to Middle Earth, seeing familiar faces again. I liked reading the story from Kienan's POV this time around. It was interesting to read about the reluctant and unwilling Restorer as opposed to the I'm not sure what I'm doing Restorer that Susan was. The battle scenes aren't as intense as they were in the first book but I cringed every time Kienan would slash his hand just to prove a point.
Just like in the first book, there's a shocker in the middle of the story. Call me clueless but I totally didn't see it coming. Let's just say it makes you really think about who the title of the book is supposed to be for. The ending is a cliffhanger and I'm dying to know what happens next. It makes me want to go up to my attic space and snoop around for a secret portal. What C.S. Lewis did for wardrobes, Sharon Hinck has now done for attics.

The Restorer's Son by Sharon Hinck is published by NavPress (2007)


  1. LOL!!! I actually picked it buit I still wouldn't call you clueless :) Loved it and will review it soon!


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