Movie Review: "Grey's Anatomy Season 2"

I don't usually watch medical shows on TV. I never watched ER, never finished an episode of House, didn't even try to get into General Hospital. I just felt that no matter how good a doctor George Clooney played on TV, he wasn't a real one in the actual world. It just seemed all fake to me. So when ABC announced they would be having a new medical drama in their lineup, I immediately assumed that it would be cancelled after a few shows. However the public proved me wrong. After hearing all the hype about it, I decided to rent the first season from the library. I got hooked.

What I do like very much about the show is how real all the characters are. They don't act fake, they act how someone might react in that sort of situation whether it be a medical issue or not. And I do know that a lot of stuff might not really happen like that in a hospital but still it was very interesting to learn the technical goings on in a hospital. And it made me rethink about the time I went into surgery for my broken ankle. Although the hospital where I was at everyone seemed pretty old to me..

As for the actual surgeries, most weren't too gruesome. Since this shows on a network station they can't be TOO gory. However the episode that stuck out most to me was the one with the railroad car accident and the guy and girl that had a pole stuck between them. Ouch. I cannot even begin to imagine what I would do if I was in that situation, doctor or patient. The writers must have had a field day with that episode.

This season doesn't seem to have as much sex as what I've seen in the previews for season 3. I was so proud of Meredith for warding off all advances from McDreamy. She tells him to leave her alone, she doesn't allow herself to be in situations with him where she might be tempted, she tells him repeatedly to go back to his wife. She moves on eventually and is ready to start a new relationship with a now hot Chris O'Donnell (Robin no more). But then in the last 15 minutes of season 2, she gives in! And I'm like come went all season and you gave in now? Arrgh. The other characters dabble with relationships but for the most part it's mostly talk.

I find most of the dialogue a hoot. I end up cracking up a lot while watching this show. A lot of times it's due to George who is my favorite character (well until he cut his hair, I liked the shag). He just looks so innocent, and IMO Meredith is a dolt not to take him and then to do what she did to him! Poor guy. Cristina sometimes gets on my nerves with her attitude, and especially the way she treats Burke sometimes but I guess he must really love her. Izzy's not really my favorite character either but I felt sorry for her with the Denny situation. Alex is just a hot guy who's a jerk. And I hate Addison.

This show is very addictive. I find that I can watch an episode without having to pause repeatedly to go do other stuff like I have to do with Dr. Quinn or Little House. It's a funny, fresh, feel good show. I'm looking forward to getting season 3, although I'm not going to be too fond of the promise of watching "the steamiest show on TV". I think if they cut down less on that it would be even better. Seriously...seriously!!!


  1. I love Grey's. It's seriously my favorite show. The dialogue is part of what makes it so great.

    The funny thing is, I used to think I hated Addison. But she's growing on me. She's an idiot for doing what she's done. But I've found her to be slightly less irritating this season. :)

    George is probably my favorite character too.


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