Movie Review: "Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman"

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I remember the first night that Dr. Quinn came on TV back in 1993. There weren't many shows that came on during weekend nights that the whole family could watch together. Then this show came on and it was actually something we all enjoyed. Going back now, I love watching this historical show with all the costumes and settings of the mid 1800s west. Dr. Mike is a great role model for young women as a she tries to stand out in a world that still isn't ready to accept her. (Very reminiscent of the Cheney Duvall MD series by Gilbert and Lynn Morris that came out around the time this show debuted.)

In the second season, Dr. Mike has now become a staple of Colorado Springs and the people have almost warmed up completely to her. Granted, some of the townsfolk like Loren and Jake still give her a hard time but that doesn't happen too often. I do like how the children have accepted her as their new mother, although I've noticed while Brian exclusively calls her Ma, and Matthew does on occasion, Collen almost never does. Sully and Dr. Mike finally get engaged even after a trip to Boston nearly compromises their relationship. And speaking of the Boston trip, why did they have to make Sully's rival so darn nice? He had no flaws at all and you expect her to turn him down? What I do like about the show are the stories from the supporting cast. Horace and Myra getting married, Dorothy's morphine addicted son, Robert E and Grace getting married, Rev. Johnson's former gambling past are some of the ones that help to flesh out the series.

What kills me though about the show though is the how two faced and narrow minded the townspeople are. In one episode everyone is helping each other out, getting ready to participate in a circus, and everyone is real friendly towards each other. Then in the next episode, there's a huge argument that tears the town apart. But what gets me in the more is that these townsfolk are so prejudiced. In this season especially, first they can't stand the Indians, they blame them for everything wrong that happens to them from droughts to sickness. Then they hate the European immigrants for not knowing how to speak English or taking away their jobs. Finally they hate the black couple who's bought a house, enough to go all KKK on them, even though they use his blacksmith shop and eat at her restaurant! (This was the only episode I couldn't finish out of this season, it was just too ridiculous that the episodes before and after everyone is happy go lucky with each other.) They even hate orphans! And they seem to have a love/hate relationship with Dr. Mike herself. One day she's the town leader, next day she's just a silly woman. They hate everyone who's different from them, and it gets really annoying after a while.

However I still really enjoy this show, even if it takes me forever to watch. I think that's probably because it's a more serious show. Makes me wish I could go back in time..


  1. Deborah--
    I was addicted to DQMW the entire five or six year run it had on fact the hero and heroine of my first completed manuscript were inspired by Andrew and Colleen (even though mine was a contemporary romance and my heroine was much more mature and well-spoken than Colleen).

    I, too, had problems with the fickleness of the townspeople and that was one area where I wished the writing had been a bit better. Although, it is true that communities wax and wane depending on popular sentiment over time. Just not week to week.

    Thanks for bringing this series back to mind--I'm headed over to Netflix to add disks with my favorite episodes to my queue!


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