Book Review: "Whispers of Winter" by Tracie Peterson and Book Giveaway

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Pull out your winter coat again

In the third book of the Alaskan quest series, Jayce and Jacob are shipwrecked on an Arctic island with a bleak outlook of leaving. Meanwhile their wives Leah and Helena are back at home in Alaska waiting for their husbands to get back home. Leah is still struggling with the fact that her children may not be really be Jayce's children and the aftermaths of what Chase had done to her. Helena is worried that Jacob still doesn't really love her. The two women bond together as they battle the harsh Alaskan setting, dealing with influenza, changes from their friends, and the outbreak of WWI.

I've mentioned before I love really good book covers. This whole series has had some beautiful covers and this one is my favorite (the whole hair blowing in the wind thing). I want to say that it's Leah on the cover. I enjoyed reading the book as it tied up many story lines and described more historical detail about the time period and area. I felt however that the back cover summary only focused on the first half of the book. While the situation with Jayce and Jacob being shipwrecked is a big factor of the story, it is only part of the book. I did like the side storyline about the "Russian" guy. Winter usually brings about death and there were many deaths in the book, including a major beloved character that was unexpected. While reading this book, once again I felt really cold especially when the men were stuck on the island. Totally realistic reading when you think you need to put on a coat. I hope that maybe there will be another spin off of this series, perhaps focusing on Karen's children?

Whispers of Winter by Tracie Peterson is published by Bethany House (2006)

w for the book giveaway! I have a copy of the second book from Tracie's Yukon Quest series, "Ashes and Ice" where we are first introduced to Jacob and Leah. Leave a comment with your email address saying you want to enter. I'll pick a name and announce the winner on Tuesday, January 16. Good luck!


  1. Janice8:26 AM

    Janice -

    I want to enter

  2. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I would like to enter the book giveaway


  3. Ooh, please throw my name in the hat! I have been seeing so many good things about Tracie Peterson and I want to try to read one or more of her books in 07. I have tabbed the Yukon Quest series to try to start with. I think my library has most of them, but this would be tons better :)

    Thanks for doing this!



    Thanks so much!

  5. i hope i win! t.p. is the best!!!

  6. Julie D.8:47 AM

    please put my name in for the book giveaway -- thanks! JDobs @ FR

  7. The cover looks awesome! I never read anything from her but based on your review, it is something worth checkin out. a free copy ld save me a lot of time and money too! hope i win!

    sherlynbanh at

  8. the cover looks awesome! and the title, just poetic..pls enter me in the drawing. never won a book yet, hope this is my first
    (remove underscores)

  9. been reading a lot of cowboy books. I should want to try something else too. "Ashes and Ice" sounds like a great book. Is it an ARC?


  10. i'd love to be entered in your contest. i'm already 47 years old and bored to death in this 4-walled apartment. my kids are very far away and have their own families now. a good book might be just what i need these days. thanks!


  11. "Whispers of Winter" looks way cool! i would love to get a copy of any of Tracie Peterson's books. thanks deb!

    kim (",)

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  12. Please enter me in the contest - I'd love to win Ashes and Ice.

    loneytrox at YAHOO dot COm

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    Thanks so much!! Pam (aliadam from FR)


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