Book Review: "RV There Yet?" by Diann Hunt

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Road Trip!!

Dede is the owner of a chocolate store, who decides (against her better judgment) to go on a road trip with her two friends Millie and Lydia. The trio are hopping aboard an RV named Walter as they go cross country to a camp reunion. Of course the trip doesn't go as perfect as they had originally planned. The roof gets a leak, Dede can't stand the air condition that Millie and Lydia need for their hot flashes, Lydia's Andy Griffith-loving canary almost dies, and the police keep pulling them over for either speeding or being too slow! Each woman also has secrets she doesn't want the others to know, whether it be a married guy who won't leave Dede alone, Lydia's problems with her sons, or Millie being afraid of being replaced at her job. When the trio finally get to camp, they are reunited with old friends and try to get the camp ready to be reopened.

This was a really fun book. I enjoyed reading about the road trip. The three women all have different personalities that fit well with each other. It was fun to read about how Dede would try to irk Millie about her over cleanliness. Learning about the history of chocolate and hearing all the descriptions of truffles really made me hungry. I had to sneak some fudge while reading this book. My favorite part was when the women discovered that the scary biker guys that kept following them were really on of their old camp sweethearts. Looks can be deceiving! I also found it hilarious that Millie's trumpet playing sounded like a mating call. I felt that Dede's situation was very realistic as a lot of women have been caught in that situation. I'm glad she did what she did at the end. I've never been in an RV but they sound like a really fun way to take a road trip. I think however I'd choose one of the luxury RVs over Walter though. This book is recommended for anyone who enjoys chocolate, traveling, and spending good times with friends.

RV There Yet? by Diann Hunt is published by Thomas Nelson (2006)


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