Book Review: "In Plain Sight" by Lorena McCourtney

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One little old lady you don't want to mess with

Ivy Malone has left her hometown in fear of the Braxtons who have threatened her after her testimony which convicted one of them for murder. She decides to stay with her niece and her family in Arkansas in hopes that she will be able to once again become a little old invisible lady again. Ivy stays with her grandniece and is prepared to enjoy a peaceful vacation away from the worries that follow her. Unfortunately she is mistaken to be a housekeeper and gets hired from a reclusive woman who turns up dead after firing Ivy. The reader snoops along with Ivy as she tries to find out who has committed the murder while unsuccessfully trying to get herself into any more danger.

I have become a huge Ivy Malone fan. Who knew little old ladies could be so much fun? This book is very like Murder She Wrote where the heroine is not someone you would expect to go around getting involved with murders. Ivy is not afraid of anything! I loved the twists and turns in this story. I love how Ivy takes advantage of getting away with almost anything because people prejudge her because of her age. This was a hilarious read also as Ivy manages to always get caught in unsuspecting situations and has to explain why she happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I also know how she felt when she got the chance to catalogue the library. I would loved to be able to sort through all those boxes of books with her.

I did like also how the generation gap between Ivy and her grandniece was never a problem. I think that Ivy was more able to accept teenagers because she knows what it's like to be judged by other people, therefore she does her best to accept them for who they are. Ivy is a great character, I like her especially because she refuses to fall into the stereotype of a little old lady. I can't stand books where LOLs are gossipy, snoopy, crabby characters. Ivy is none of those things. This book is highly recommended for anyone who likes mysteries and having a good fun time while reading it.

In Plain Sight by Lorena McCourtney is published by Revell (2005)


  1. This book sounds like fun! Cute cover, too.


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