Book Review: "The Winds of Sonoma" by Nikki Arana

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Culture Clash

Angelica is a up and coming attorney working for a big firm in New York City. When she is fired and cannot find a new job due to her refusal to compromise her beliefs she heads home to California. While at home she faces the situation of illegal Mexican immigrants in the area. Her family ranch has hired a new immigrant worker, Antonio. Angelica decides to take him under her wing and try to help him out in every way she can. She also wants to try to get a job as a public defender because she wants give help to those who really are in need of it. As Angelica works with Antonio, she discovers that there may be more than just a charitable feeling shared between the two of them. The two have an uphill climb as they try to figure out their relationship.

I liked this book. It was easy to read and one could relate to the timeliness of the story. Illegal immigration is a hot topic in our country. Many politicians are debating constantly about how the nation should treat the situation. There are lots of people who are prejudiced against Mexican immigrants such as the foreman of the ranch or the people in the church who thought they were "helping" but really weren't. Angelica is a compassionate character who wants to help out Antonio. She also makes the difficult choice of choosing a harder life instead of one that would be easily handed to her. I admire people who can do that. I could also relate to Angelica's issue with not wanting to tell her parents what really happened to her in New York. It's hard to have to tell your parents that you've let them down after they think you've done so well. My parents were immigrants so the story is familiar about being alone and uncertain in a new country. They too were grateful for the people who took the time out to help them get settled in their new life. I'm looking forward to picking up the next two books in the series.

The Winds of Sonoma by Nikki Arana is published by Revell (2005)


  1. sounds like a book I can get in too ..I live in calif anfd love to read books that has to do with ca..

  2. So glad you enjoyed it. The book won many awards, including one of the top twenty best books of the year. The first edition of the series recently sold out. I got my rights back and reprinted the books. If you have trouble getting the book or any of the series you can buy it through my website, or contact me direct.


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