200 Books in 2010

So today I read my 200th book in 2010

And with that I've completed my reading total goal for 2010. Yes I know it's April. Obviously I won't stop reading. I'm not going to apologize for what I read but I will admit that 75 of the 200 were YA books and about 22 were Nancy Drew books. Does this mean that my reading is less than other people's? No I don't think so. Anywho, here's to more reading for the year.


  1. Wow, color me impressed. Great job!

  2. Hats off to you! =D That's awesome! Congrats!

  3. Wow that is just so much more than I have time for. LOL. I thought I was doing good with 50 for the year so far, and 10 Nancy Drew.

  4. Wow! Impressive! If you continue at this same pace, you may read over 600 books this year!

  5. Pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but... I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! LOL You are an inspiration!

  6. oh wow! That's awesome! I bow before you. I don't think reading YA and Nancy Drew books make it less impressive or don't count. The goal is to read what you enjoy or what tickles your fancy. Right?

  7. Holy cow! Congratulations - what an achievement!


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