Why I need a New Bookcase

I am in desperate need of a new bookcase. I currently own almost 2200 books and in our house up here I have about half that number. About 500 of those books are already in bookcases or shelves under the bar. The rest (which consists of my TBR stack) is piled up against the wall in stacks that are almost as tall as I am.

Well the other day I came home to this:

Apparently about 300 books had fallen over and toppled from the wall. I could blame the animals but I'm thinking that what probably happened was I had removed a book from the middle of the stack earlier and throughout the day it had teetered and tottered and just gave way. Regardless, this is just further proof I need a new bookcase.

So I was incredibly geeked to receive an email from CSN Office Furniture, asking me if I would like to review one of their products. I was excited and went to their website which offered a variety of really nice home office furniture. While I was drooling over their desks and sturdy chairs, my excitement really bubbled over when I went to the page on bookcases.

I wanted them all! And believe me, with the stack I have I would probably need all just to shelve those. However, I decided that I would choose this one to start off with:

This is the Five Shelf Bookcase in Oak. I'm really looking forward to getting it and putting it together. It's plain and simple, but that's how I like things (and how I try to keep my life lol) and from the looks of it, I should be able to make a dent in my pile with this. As soon as I get it, look for a post (most likely with pictures) of us trying to put it together. It should be tons o'fun.

CSN Office Furniture has a really great selection of bookcases and other office furniture. Plus they have free shipping on all their items.


  1. Oh No! Disaster! I also have books on top of books on top of books. I told my husband the other day I would like to get more shelving. Then I went to my friends house (her and her husband are moving to TX), they gave me two large bookcases! I couldn't believe it! When my husband asked if I had gone to their house I said "Yeah and your won't believe what they gave me!"

  2. I hope no one was hurt when those books took a tumble! You definitely do need a new bookcase!

  3. Hehehe, that's happened to me too but not with that many books. I've found you can only stack them so high on a wall before they become really unstable!

  4. Lucky you for getting to review a bookcase! So glad no one was home and crushed by your falling books.

  5. I had to get a new book case as well. I cracked a shelf. Here is what mine looks like Bookcase

  6. Whoa! And my husband thinks I have too many book!!!LOL! Yup, you need few bookshelves!

  7. I would need about 5 of these:-)

  8. I think we have all been there with the stacks toppling over and falling on the floor from the bookshelves, etc. I'm happy to hear that you will be getting a bookcase for "review."

  9. Good feature! The New Office Furniture looks fantastic.

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