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So last month, the Romance Writers of America held their annual conference in Washington DC. As part of their conference, there is a huge 500+ author signing which benefits literacy charities. Since this is the first time I've happened to live in the area where there's something like this and there were several authors that I'm huge fans of, of course I had to go. First off the hotel where this was at, the Mariott in Adams Morgan, was HUGE. Plus it took us forever to find parking on the street since parking at the hotel itself would cost $17. Anywho, yes I took my husband with me because why wouldn't a guy want to be a in a room with over 1000 women? We got to the huge room where the signing was taking place and this was what it was pretty much like:
Yep chaos. It was hard to find the authors, even though they were in alphabetical order (besides the big huge names) because everyone was very crowded and pushy. Still I managed to track down 4 of the authors I had brought books for. Sadly we forgot to take pictures when I met Beth Pattillo, but she was super nice and she recognized me from my blog! We talked about her newest book, Jane Austen Ruined My Life which she autographed for me, and she told me she's going to be writing another one just like that on...oh gosh I can't remember, I want to say the Brontes. Bah. bad memory. I also got to meet Mindy Klasky, author of the Jane Madison series. I normally don't read books about paranormal and witches, but her books are also chick lit and they're so funny plus they are set in DC. That's what we talked about too, how since she's from the area, she used real locations and made the settings come to life. I met Deeanne Gist, author of A Bride Most Begrudging and Courting Trouble. I told her I really enjoyed how she writes edgy Christian fiction pertaining to romance and she said a lot of women have told her that and she's really thrilled to do so. I didn't meet Nora Roberts. But there was a HUGE line for her that wrapped pretty much all around the room. Plus I mean it's NORA ROBERTS. She looks exactly like the back of her books. Hubby took a picture because even he has heard of her. The last author I got to meet was Shelley Shepard Gray, author of the Amish series, Sisters of the Heart. And once again the coolest part was, she recognized me from my blog too! She had read all my reviews of her books and looking forward to what I have to say about her newest one, which reminds me I need to read it this week. She was really nice. So all in all it was really fun. I had also brought a book by Cathy Marie Hake but sadly every time I walked by her, there were always 3-4 people there. There were other authors I wanted to meet, but we were running out of time (parking wise). It was probably the coolest thing I've ever done to be a in a room with so much talent. Hubby commented he couldn't believe he was in a room with so much estrogen. If the RWA conference comes in your neck of the woods, I would suggest stopping by to meet some of these authors (next year they are in Nashville)

If there was anything I'd fix, I would say if you see someone especially a fan talking to an author, and you are another author, PLEASE wait until the fan has left before you rush up to them to squeal and laugh about an inside joke. It's rather interesting that I've read so many author blogs/articles/rants about book signings where they've sat there for hours with no one coming up to them, and then here where there are fans trying to speak with them and they would rather talk to another author. I mean I know conferences are places where catch up with other people, but the signing was supposed to be for the fans and well, they're the reasons why you are able to keep writing books, no?
(Yes that is how I feel on that subject)


  1. It looks like it was very chaotic! Glad you got to meet so many authors, though.

  2. Wow, that's so cool! I wish an event like that was taking part in my city. To have my honey come with me and carry the bags full of books and take pictures would be a big plus too. =)


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