Interview with Erynn Mangum

I'm happy to have here today Erynn Mangum, author of Miss Match. If you like chick lit, you'll love this book. I have a review of Miss Match of my blog, it is simply divine. And without further adieu, an interview with Erynn Mangum!

1. How did you get started into writing and why did you choose chick lit?

I’ve been writing stories since I was tiny – I’d fill journals with almost every genre of writing possible! I didn’t think writing was ever something I could make a living at but my parents really encouraged me to pursue it after high school. I started taking courses from the Christian Writers Guild and learned so much! As for the chick-lit, I didn’t even know what it was when I started writing Miss Match. I just came home from a friend’s wedding and started typing!

2. How has your life changed since becoming a published author?

It’s one of those weird things where it’s totally changed, but hasn’t at all. And I know that makes zero sense! It’s changed in that I get letters from people about the book and have to work on promoting it, but it hasn’t changed because I’m still living at home, still spending time with friends and still working at my church.

3. Miss Match features a lead that goes against your typical chick lit heroine, Lauren doesn't want to date, eats lots of junk food and doesn't care about calories, hangs out with guys and dresses solely for comfort. How did this story come about?

I love Lauren, she was so much fun to write about! I guess I drew a lot from my own life – I typically dress for comfort over fashion (typically. Unlike Lauren, I absolutely love pink and there are times when I really like being girly!), junk food is awesome (girls really: this is the highest your metabolism will ever be! Make the most of it!), and since I have two brothers, there are always lots of guys around my house.

4. Lauren is very close to her family in the book. How has your family been throughout your writing process?

My family is super close! I definitely got the inspiration for Lauren’s tight family from my own. My mom is amazing – she has really been my biggest supporter in the writing business. She’s done everything: mailing books, emailing people, cutting bookmarks, reading through my manuscripts…pretty much you name it! My sister, Cayce, is just as involved as my mom – she reads everything I write before I mail it off, she gives me character and plot ideas, helps get the promotional materials ready, she’s wonderful! My dad and brothers are great: My littlest brother, Caleb, read Miss Match out of the kindness of his heart. I could go on about my family for hours!

5. Have you ever tried matchmaking with other people or been part of a matchmaking?

Umm. Yes to both. People have tried to match me up with guys and I’ve tried subtly hinting to some friends…with mixed results!

6. What type of books do you like reading and who are some of your favorite authors?

I love almost any kind of Christian fiction! Historical, romance, chick-lit, suspense…I just love to read. A few of my favorite authors: Kristin Billerbeck, Francine Rivers, Brandilyn Collins, Susan May Warren, the list could go on for miles… J

7. If Miss Match was made into a movie, who would you want to play Lauren, Brandon, Hannah, Ryan, etc?

Wow, good question! Umm…maybe Amanda Bynes for Lauren, Brittany Snow for Hannah and I have no idea for the guys! I’ll have to think on this… J

8. You mention Pride and Prejudice a lot in the book and quote a lot from Jane Austen's books. So who would you pick: Colin Firth or Matthew McFayden?

Oh my goodness, this question tears at the very strings of my heart! I’m feeling pulled in both directions. Can I say both? Colin Firth is classic Mr. Darcy and I’ll always picture him as the Mr. Darcy. He does such an amazing job with the aloofness but still giving those hints at Mr. Darcy’s lighter side (and oh! The smile at the end?! So worth it!!). But, Matthew McFayden did an awesome job in the newer one and each time I watch it I like him a little better. He gives a more vulnerable Mr. Darcy which you didn’t really see in the A&E version. Plus, that last scene? “I love, love, love you?” Definitely a must-see with a pan of brownies.

9. What's next in store for Lauren Holbrook and what else are you working on now?

Next up for Lauren Holbrook is ReMatch, which is releasing in October. This book was probably my favorite to write, just because the characters were established and I could really have fun with them. Lauren is still matchmaking – she’s a slow learner – and a couple of new characters are brought onto the scene. Brandon, Hannah and Ryan are still all here and there’s more developments in the relationships among that group!

As for what else I’m working on, I’m hoping to get a contract for the third book in the Lauren Holbrook series (so tell your friends about Miss Match! J). I am also working on a new series about a girl named Cassidy. It’s chick-lit as well and she’s got the reverse problem than Lauren – Cassidy’s mom is constantly trying to set her up!

10. Any last words?

If there is anything that God is laying on your heart to do, go for it! God doesn’t give talent and passion for it to never be used. J

Thanks so much, Deborah!

Thanks for stopping by Erynn! I can't wait for ReMatch to come out! If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Miss Match yet YOU NEED TO. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


  1. Enjoyed the interview, girls :) Erynn - you must watch the BBC's North and South and see Richard Armitage in action!

    Miss Match is on my shelf calling to be read - very soon!

  2. Great interview! Thanks ladies.

  3. Amen to your thoughts on this one! I absolutely loved it...LOVED IT!! Can't wait till Re-Match comes out, and she'd better get that contract for the third one *grrrrr*


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