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This is my entry for the photo contest from Write from Karen. My sister received a stuffed pug for Christmas. Everyone would mistake the stuffed pug for the real pug if you gave it one glance. We placed the pug outside the door of where my boyfriend was sleeping when he came to visit our family. We were hoping that when he woke up, being all groggy he'd think the real pug was outside his door. To our delight the real pug went and sat next to the stuffed pug and both waited for him to get up. It makes for a cute pic at least.


  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    OMG! That is hilarious! Poor pup probably thought he had a new friend/playmate!

    So, did your boyfriend buy it? *grin*

    Thanks for playing and good luck!

  2. So which one is real and which is the fake?

  3. How hilarious is that!!! Too cute.

  4. Too cute! My mom has a picture of my youngest brother at about 6 mos surrounded by all my Cabbage Patch dolls (to whom he bore a striking resemblance!)

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    This is way too sweet!

  6. Anonymous6:57 PM

    very very cute!

  7. Anonymous5:04 PM

    That is so cute...I would like to know how the boyfriend felt when he opened the door!!!! LOL


  8. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Great picture! Before reading further, I thought they were sitting outside the bathroom door. LOL


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