Book Review: "Bottom Line" by Kimberly Stuart

Christian Mom Selling Thongs?

Heidi Elliot needs something to do. After taking off from work staying at home to be with her young daughter, she's starting to feel restless. Her husband, Jake, seems to be a bit on the worrisome side involving the families income plus the two have now decided it's time for another baby. So when during her Strut and Stroll class Heidi meets Kylie who tells her about a business opportunity she can do, she's all ears. All she has to do is sell lingerie to Christian women. This sound intriguing and something that Heidi would be good at. But will she give up her SAHM ways for the lure of the money making world?

I really enjoyed this book. This wasn't your typical Christian fiction mom lit book. For one, Heidi is a new Christian who is still learning the ropes about her new faith. Therefore she still would question ideas about Christianity which I found perfectly realistic. She also has issues with other Christians who try to act too perfect. I really liked the characters in the book. Heidi seems like a really cool mom and I love her interaction especially with the baby sitter. Jake is not portrayed as a husband who does nothing to help his wife by going to work and then playing hero to the kid. He seems like a really good guy. I also appreciated how Nola is not shown as a really annoying kid. Embarrassing yes, but not to the point where Heidi wants to regret being a mom. I know kids can be a challenge but it's not enjoyable to read about moms who have problems all day with their kids and then their husband comes home expecting the royal treatment. I chuckled at Heidi's description of "Laura" especially involving the bodysuit. I know that the character means well, but I can see from Heidi's perspective as a new Christian why Laura would come off as annoying. I thought the idea of Solomon's closet was unique and interesting. What Kylie said about women, sex and Christianity were all true and it was interesting to see what could be done about it. However money also becomes a huge factor and therefore ruins the idea. One small thing that really made me giddy was when Jake was looking up travel options and came across a trip to Burma. That's where my dad is from and it's really rare for me to come across that in a book so I was geeked.

I would definitely recommend this book. It's a little edgy for a Christian book (especially in the bedroom lol) but I really liked it. Great mom lit. I'm looking forward to the next Heidi Elliot book.

Bottom Line by Kimberly Stuart is published by NavPress (2007)


  1. That does sound like an interesting book. The cat one just seems like too much. Too much drama, too many charaters, just too much for one book.


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