Book Review: "When the Cat's Away" by Gilbert Morris

The Cats Rule the House

There's a cat show in town and Cleo's an entrant. Jacques is wondering why the judges just give him the prize automatically. Kate is trying to juggle between relationships with Bev and Jake. Jake is now guardian to his best friend's estranged rebel daughter. Ocie has become a Christian and is eager to tell the world about it. Rhiannon's grandfather is very ill and needs a new heart. In the midst of all this, with the cat show in the background, someone keeps stealing all the cats!

Ok the last time I reviewed a book in this series, my main gripe was that Jake was an annoying character. He was very chauvinist, rude and insensitive. He would always look down on others for not agreeing with him and pretty much keep making snide remarks at Kate. However in this book, he lessens up on all that almost making him likable. He finally comes through in this book with not being snobby, controlling or forcing others to give up non quality food. I really liked Ocie's conversion scene. I thought was Kate said was very true and it was quite moving to watch someone who kept running away from God finally trust in him. It's also cool how it got taped for national airplay. He does get a bit over enthusiastic about trying to convert others but it's nice to see that he's really excited about being a Christian.

I was worried at first that Sarita's character would be a complete retelling of past characters from Morris's series that have been in that same situation. It never fails with the best friend dying, the guy promising him that he'd take care of the estranged daughter, daughter is rebel and then tries to hit on guy, eventually becoming good. Rhiannon becomes more dimensional in this book as she actually shows feelings by being worried about her grandfather. Before she just seemed very one dimensional with big words and weird ways. It was touching to see her friendship with the one time gangster. Jacques is very narcissistic while Cleo is more friendly giving the right balance of power between the two cats. The mystery plays second fiddle to everything else that's happening but it doesn't lose your interest either. IMO best book of the series, and I hope that there's more!

When the Cat's Away by Gilbert Morris is published by Harvest House (2007)


  1. Thanks for reviewing this book. I'm not familiar at all with this series and so it sounds like something to read - maybe starting with this book. Sort of a Lilian Braun "Cat Who" series for believers? :-) Have a great week, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud


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