Book Review: "The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Tough" by Neta Jackson

Fight fire with fire

The Yada Yada Prayer group faces its toughest challenges yet. From white supremacy groups to interracial churches, lottery money to unplanned pregnancies, the group still manages to find time to get together and pray over all the hot issues in their lives. Heavy and serious topics are discussed making the reader feel like they are watching their evening news. Just be prepared to laugh, cry, get angry..just get ready to feel any emotion you have while reading this book.

I felt this book had the strongest message and dealt with the most serious issues discussed in the series so far. I really hate seeing the words of the Bible twisted and used to discriminate against others. How people can actually believe the lies told by these groups is beyond me. This was the first book in the series where I felt that everyone reacted realistically. With the group being so diverse, the race issue was bound to be brought up. It's also amazing how just by being Christians they were able to handle these issues in dignified manners. There is no one saying, "If you trust in God, then you shouldn't worry." While I believe that God will give you peace in stressful situations, it is not realistic to not worry in a time of crisis. Once again Jodi's reactions echo my own, although at one point she felt that she was being selfish for worrying about the safety of her own family instead of worrying about Noni and Mark. I felt that this is not a wrong feeling because your own family should always come first. I also liked seeing the churches come together, and the tension from each side being unwilling to unite is very apparent in society. You don't think about racism happening inside church because everyone is supposed to love each other no matter what. Once again this book really makes you think and pushes your beliefs and faith. With each Yada Yada book I feel more connected to the women and get drawn further and further into the story.

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Tough by Neta Jackson is published by Thomas Nelson (2005)


  1. I'm praying to not worry as much as I do and do as the bible teaches to lean on God. God does offer peace if we would only lean. My brother is in a life and death situation, and by his postive attitude, you'd wouldn't know it.

    I haven't read the fifth Yada yet. Is it in your TBR?

    Are you reading OKSANA next? It's in my TBR. It would be fun to tag review/discuss it.

  2. already finished reading 5th yada yada. i'll have my review posted up soon. another excellent one.

    i'm reading oksana now. i haven't read nadia or mariana but i have to read it now because it came through interlibrary loan and it's due next week. so hopefully i'm not missing out on too much.


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