Book Review: "Love the Sinner" by Lynn Bulock

Hate the sin?

Gracie Lee Harris has moved to California and married a man who has turned out to be two timing con man. He has not only gotten into a car accident with her car and taken her money, he's also gotten another woman pregnant! And it's someone from Gracie's small group from church! Then if things couldn't get any worse, he gets murdered in the hospital! Gracie finds out there are several suspects that could have done this including her (evil) mother in law and her (nasty) step daughter. She has to discover who the murderer is before she becomes the next target.

This was a fun book. It's not your normal Christian happy family novel. There isn't really a happy, let's tie up all the ends, everyone hugs ending. And Dennis commits huge sins that he never repents for. Which is fine with me, to me that is more realistic than him getting a deathbed conversion. I really could not stand her mother in law or her step daughter. I know mothers are usually blind to their children's faults but Edna was just unbearable. I also found it interesting at how the ex-wives got along well with each other. Of course they had something in common, but it was interesting at how there wasn't any animosity. Although I did find it rather unbelievable that both Gracie and Heather would turn up in the same small group at church. I mean unless God planned it that way on purpose, the odds of a wife and her husband's mistress that were miles apart showing up together, is not strong. I thought Gracie had a good relationship with her son as opposed to Dennis' relationship with his daughter. I enjoyed reading about Gracie learning to use instant messaging to talk to Ben. It's cool when parents try to relate with their kids and I like reading about adults who do attempt to learn how to use the computer as opposed to those who just write it off as only something for the younger generation. Reading this book also shows how AIM could save your life! Good fun read, lucky for me I have the next book in the series on my bookshelf.

Love the Sinner by Lynn Bulock is published by Steeple Hill (2005)


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