Reading Challenges

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Current Challenges:

Goal: Finish current TBR Pile by 12/21/11

Goal: Read all the books nominated for Christy Award through 2009

Past Challenges:

Goal: Read 18 of 19 books by Contemps authors by 8/15/11
Did not complete - read 9 of 19 books

Goal: Finish current TBR pile by 6/21/11
Did Not Complete: 6/21/11

Goal: Read 3 books by South Asian Authors in 2010
DONE! Finished 12/21/10

Goal: Read my Library TBR pile by 12/20/10
DONE! Finished 12/9/10

Goal: Read all 56 Yellow Hardbacks in 2010
DONE! Finished 8/19/10

Goal: To read all the books in the Pretty Little Liars series by 12/31/10
DONE! Finished 8/5/10

Goal: Read 10 Cozies from 4/1/10 to 9/30/10
DONE! Finished 4/28/10

Goal: To complete the 6 books on the list and write 6 "book reports" by 4/30/10
DONE! Finished 4/24/10

Goal: Read my Library TBR pile by 6/20/10
DONE! Finished 4/16/10

Goal: Read 200 books in 2010
DONE! Finished 4/8/10

Goal: Read 100 library books in 2010
DONE! Finished 3/26/10

Goal: Read 75 YA Books in 2010
DONE! Completed 3/22/10

Goal: Read the number of books first published in a given year that corresponds to the last digit of each year in the 2000s, total 55 books
DONE! Completed 1/11/10

Fall Into Reading 2009

Goal: Complete by Library TBR Pile by 12/20
DONE! Completed 11/19

Goal: From 10/1/09 to 11/30/09, 30% of my books read must be non review or 6 month+ review copies.
DONE! Completed: 43.17%/30%

Goal: Read 200 books in 2009
DONE! Completed 8/5/09
Unofficial Goal: Read 300 books in 2009
DONE! Completed 9/1/09

Goal: Read 50 library books in 2009
DONE! Completed 5/26/09

Goal: Finish library TBR pile by June 20
DONE! Completed 6/9/09


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