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Review Policy

As an enthusiastic book reader, I am happy to hear from authors and publicists about review opportunities. Since I started this blog in September 2006, I have written over 900 book reviews that can be located on this blog and in a review database. Please look over and familiarize yourself with this page to make sure your book fits my review policy before sending me an inquiry.

I am willing to review books in the following genres:

  • Christian fiction (contemporary, chick lit, women's fiction, YA, literary, historical, mystery, Amish, thriller, suspense)
  • chick lit
  • Young Adult (contemporary, chick lit, literary, dystopia, historical, mystery) Note: I do NOT read YA paranormal or fantasy
  • Middle Grade fiction (contemporary, chick lit)
  • contemporary fiction
  • historical fiction (NOT historical romance)
  • women's fiction
  • cozy mysteries
  • memoirs (not autobiographies)
  • Foodie books (Memoirs & Non Fiction, not cookbooks)
  • Multicultural Fiction, Memoirs and Non Fiction - Particularly of Asian/Asian-American Interest
  • Pop culture related (esp involving The Beatles, Star Wars, Harry Potter)

I do not read or review the following genres, therefore please do NOT send me an email asking me to review the following:
  • Most non-fiction, this includes Christian non fiction (unless in genres specified above)
  • Christian fiction (speculative, fantasy)
  • Children's books
  • romance (this includes series romances)
  • westerns
  • science fiction
  • horror
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
  • erotica
  • self published books (even if in the genres that I do review above)
I will accept for review finished copies, ARCs, and bound galleys in manuscript form. I also will review audio books on CD or MP3 format. While I do own a Nook Color, I am unable to accept any type of electronic books at this time for review.

Due to the number of books I receive, I am selective of the books that I choose to review. If I do not reply to your pitch, it is usually because the book is something that I am not interested in. Just because the book fits one of the genres I do review in doesn't necessarily mean that I will want to read it. However, please feel free to send me another pitch if you think the book does fit my interests! Sending a catalog or list of your available books for review is a great way for me to be able to pick what interests me as well as see all the books you have to offer.

For books that have been pitched to me and I have accepted,
my usual turnaround for a book review once received is about 6-7 months. I schedule my reviews in advance therefore unless you have a certain date that you need to post for, please don't expect a review immediately. The exception is for blog tours which will be posted during the day or week of the tour. I do try send out an email once I have posted my review.

For unsolicited books (books sent to me without prior notice),due to the number of books I already receive I cannot guarantee a review on my blog.

To give an idea of the types of books that I enjoy reading and reviewing, here are several examples of books I have reviewed on my blog:

Christian Fiction - Contemporary: Scared by Tom Davis
Christian Fiction - YA: Ruby Unscripted by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
Christian Fiction - Thriller: The Bishop by Steven James
Christian Fiction - Historical: A Constant Heart by Siri Mitchell
Chick Lit: Italian for Beginners by Kristin Harmel
Contemporary: Admission by Jean Hanff Korelitz
Cozy Mystery: Knit, Purl, Die by Anne Canedeo
Foodie Fiction: Georgia's Kitchen by Jenny Nelson
Foodie Memoir: I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti by Giulia Melucci
Historical Fiction: The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees
Memoir: Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven by Susan Jane Gilman
Middle Grade Fiction: Dear Pen Pal by Heather Vogel Frederick
Multicultural Fiction: How to Be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway
Multicultural Non Fiction: Everything is Broken by Emma Larkin
Women's Fiction: Balancing Acts by Zoe Fishman
Young Adult - Chick Lit: The Alphas by Lisi Harrison
Young Adult - Contemporary: North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley
Young Adult - Dystopia: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I usually also post my reviews on Amazon, and as well as LibraryThing. I am a top 300 reviewer on Amazon and have also had my reviews used as endorsements in several books.

My reviews will be honest in accordance to how I felt about the book. I cannot guarantee a positive review but I will give an honest review. I do not sell ARCs.

Starting on October 6, 2009, I began disclosing where I received my books from. If a book states that it is from a publisher, publicist or author, then I received a free copy of the book to review. Otherwise the book was either a personal copy or obtained from a local library. This however does NOT affect how I reviewed the book. I do not receive any compensation from reviewing books. However, I am a participant in's Associate program which the majority of the links to books on this blog are directed to where I receive a small compensation if any purchases are made through those links.

If you are interested in having me review a book or have any other questions AND your book fits the qualifications that I have listed above, please email me (Deborah) at

I am currently not accepting review copies at the moment.


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