Movie Review: "Blades of Glory"

I'm a huge figure skating fan. It's the reason why I watch the Winter Olympics (well there are many reasons but this was the reason why I started watching them). I can name tons of figure skaters and I know all the moves they do. I wish I could skate like a pro. The best I can do is circle around the rink several times without falling. Ironically I am much better on ice skates than I am on roller skates (but that's a story for another day).

So when this movie was advertised, I wanted to see it. Will Ferrell's a riot, Jon Heder is funny. Figure skating was going to get a laugh one day. The ads made the sport look incredibly gay but who can resist Will Ferrell in a unitard? The movie is actually really funny. You end up liking Heder's character a lot even though that hair cracks me up and I'm not sure why he wears pastels. Ferrell plays his characters so well that you can help laughing everytime he's onscreen. The villians, played by Amy Poheler and Will Arnett, are hilariously evil with the brother/sister act being icky b/c the pair are married in real life.

What's funny is that I can actually see Jimmy's character skating at the Olympics and doing rather well. Of course I don't really like male figure skaters who dress with feathers but the routine was actually quite good. Well except for the embarrassing scene where he sort of runs/flys like a bird. On the other hand, Chazz's routine was horrible. There would be no way that would be in competitive skating. He did one jump and nothing else but hammed it to the crowd. Yes I know it's all for laughs though. The two skating together is a riot. Did you know though that the loophole doesn't really exist? The official rules state that a pair must include a "lady". Their first skate together was actually quite good and somewhat realistic. The 2nd routine was just way over the top with all those illegal moves, although I loved the blades cutting the neck hair. The deadpan commentary by Scott Hamilton and the other dude is great.

I also liked the special features on the DVD too especially the interview with Scott Hamilton. I honestly never realized until I watched it at how much he resembled Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) especially when he had hair. But now that it's been mentioned I totally see it and it was funny at how he gets called on it every day. Hilarious.

Will Ferrell hasn't made a movie I haven't liked yet so this is another winner for him. This movie is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, language, a comic violent image and some drug references so use your best judgment when watching it.


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