Let Me Fly by Elisa Mayo

Set amid the close-knit community of Clear Creek, Let Me Fly is the first book in a series that weaves the reader into the lives of the Clear Creek family. It is a journey of fulfillment as Celia Martin struggles to find herself amid the conflicting views of the world's definition of success--searching for safety and security, while running from her past and the memories lingering on the banks of Clear Creek--Celia watches her life crumble, finally turning to the Lord for redemption.

Will Celia fall for the handsome, forbidden Vince or will she find another love waiting in Clear Creek? Will she pull herself from the trap of wealth and success and conquer the ghost of lost young love?

Elisa Mayo was born in the state of Mississippi, which is located in the southern part of the United States. She attended college in Mississippi and graduated with a B.S. in accounting. While she enjoys her life as a financial guru, she had always had the desire to write. “Many stories have slipped in and out of my mind, some making it to the tip of my pen, others not, but I have continued writing throughout my life. Whether it was songs, short stores, one-liners, or beginnings of novels- they were all part of what I needed to do to be me,” recalls Elisa.

Reader Reviews of Let Me Fly:

Kim Massey, reviewer
I loved your book!

Angie McKinney, a bookstore owner

Can't wait for her next novel!

I found myself thinking of the characters when I wasn't reading. That's when I know a story is well written. The story also reminded me that even if we make mistakes, God's great plan for us doesn't change as He gently guides us back on track.

Skye Carney, A reviewer


This book was sooo wonderful to read. It really touched my heart!!! I felt like the story was about me. The book is so vivid and descriptive and warming. I felt a calming peace come over me when I finished it. I went out and bought several more copies and gave them to my mother, sisters, and friends. I can't wait for more of Elisa's work. I am hooked!!

A reviewer, an avid reader and English teacher

Great Debut!

LET ME FLY is a fabulous first novel. The Christian romance is about a young woman who has it all, yet finds herself empty and searching still. The story tackles issues relevant to all women, like surviving betrayal and loss, but also gives hope as Celia travels back home and back in time to find herself again. The author has a gift for description, and the reader will find herself on the banks of Clear Creek with the heroine. LET ME FLY will make your spirit soar!!

A reviewer, A reviewer

'Let Me Fly' keeps you guessing what will happen next in the life of a young woman seeking the perfect plan for her life. I am not an avid reader but this book kept me so interested that I finished in a couple of days. 'Let Me Fly' relates to everyday life of young women aspiring to be the woman God wants them to be, while at the same time wanting to have the bright successful future always dreamed of as a young girl.


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