Book Review: "Beautiful Dead: Summer" by Eden Maguire

Summary from the publisher: It’s been months since Darina has seen her undead boyfriend and her heart is breaking all over again. The wait is slowly driving her crazy.

All she wants to do is be with Phoenix, to feel his arms wrapped around her. But to earn the pleasure of that embrace, Darina must track down the crazed killer that shot Summer Madison.

Was it a random shooting? Or was the gifted singer the victim of an obsessive fan? As time runs out, Darina will risk her own life to discover the truth.

But if she solves Summer’s murder, Darina knows it only brings her one step closer to losing Phoenix forever…

Every time I read one of the books in this series, I am always amazed at how much I enjoy them. I normally stay away from this type of YA but for some reason I really do get into these books and have a grand old time while reading. Maybe it's because even though the undead is involved in this book, they aren't the typical zombie-type.

I will say that while I did enjoy this book, it didn't feel as grand as the previous two books. There's nothing that I can pretty much pull out but overall it just felt a little downplayed. Still though it's a really good story. I honestly had no idea who Summer's real killer was until the very end. The whole stalker bit really freaked me out but it's very well done. I think that Darina really had her work cut out in this book to solve the mystery.

This is not a book to read as a stand alone. Even though each book focuses on a different character, there are many things that will make more sense if you read all the books. Also Darina's and Phoenix's relationship becomes more stronger with each book. It will be interesting to see where this is all going to lead to when the fourth and final book comes out. I feel the same way that Darina does in that I don't want her and Phoenix to have to come to an end however I am highly looking forward to reading the book. As always, I like to recommend this series because even for those who think they don't like paranormal in their books, just remember that neither do I.

Beautiful Dead: Summer
by Eden Maguire is published Sourcebooks Fire (2011)

This ARC was provided by the publisher

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