My Library Reads No. 10

My Library Reads is a spotlight on the library books that I have read during the previous week. This is not a post on what books I borrowed but books that I read. Since I don't review library books, this is a way to still be able to showcase them on my blog.

BTW, if anyone knows of another meme that is like this on another blog, could you please let me know? I don't know of any myself, but if there is one already in place, I'd like to give credit where credit is due!

Library Books read from 3/20/11 - 3/26/11

Matched by Ally Condie (Dutton Juvenile, 10/30/10)

YA - I'm still kicking myself for not picking this book at BEA. I somehow missed it on the showcase floor. Then when I was helping Amy pack her boxes to ship back home, she pointed out an extra copy lying on the discarded pile table. However at that point, my hands were filled with 20lbs (ok it felt like it) of books so I was like, I can wait until it actually comes out. Well as you can tell, I didn't get to read the book when it came out, I was on the waiting list until just a few weeks ago at the library! This was one of those books that had a LOT of publicity before its release and also one that I've heard mixed reviews on. Personally, I really enjoyed it. I felt that there are lots of layers to this story and this first book is just the skin starting to slowly peel off to get to the flesh and core of the story. I found the characters and plot very intriguing. If there was anything that I found annoying it was just the attitude of the officials but I feel like since the story is from Cassia's point of view, we're supposed to feel that way. I am looking forward to unraveling the mysteries of this dystopian world with the upcoming books in the series.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling (Listening Library, 7/16/05)

I think this is my 4th time listening to this book. Fantastic and magnificent. And Jim Dale is wonderful. What more needs to be said? Oh yeah..I love his version of the Celestina Warbeck song that plays on the wireless when Harry is staying at the Burrow.


  1. Matched is one of the books I have chosen for the Read-a-thon!

  2. I think I remember Jennifer saying that she really liked Matched a lot. And I'm smiling at your 20 lbs of books! ;D (Are you going again this year?) My back was aching, carting around my backpack. OUCH!


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