Book Review: "Rendezvous" by Melody Carlson

Having learned some hard lessons about the costs of recklessness and fame, sisters Paige and Erin Forrester feel ready to take their fashion-focused TV show on location to Paris. Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for many of their good intentions to get lost in translation. An unplanned week of filming at runway model Eliza Wilton's family estate leads to romance, jealousy, and surprises. With cameras rolling, both girls have to be careful or the future of On the Runway could end up as wobbly as Paige's stiletto heels.

Once again, it's time to enter the world of fashion with Erin and Paige Forrester. In this book the girls get to travel to Paris, the heart of the fashion world. There they become transformed into classic beauties reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Seriously it was just divine reading about the girls' adventures with bags, shoes and all those clothes. I really have enjoyed learning about fashion through these books. Carlson makes the scenery totally come alive in her writing. I could picture myself with Erin as she goes through France, from the cities to the countryside. It's a total armchair travel read in that alone.

Paige is still dating her reality TV star boyfriend while Erin focuses on the guy from home even as she's wooed by some European hotties. Also the girls' mom experiences romance of her own including a decision that will affect everyone in the family. The subject matter in this book is best for older teens as alcohol abuse is brought up quite frequently. It's interesting to note that there is underage drinking however since they are in Europe for most of the story, technically it is legal.

As with previous books, even though I like both sisters, Paige just gets on my nerves at times. To be honest her foot shaking signature move is annoying. Even worse is how she gets moody and angry all the time. When Erin gets the Birkin bag (which would be AWESOME to get) simply for just casually mentioning it, Paige throws a hissy fit and tries to guilt Erin into giving her the bag. I was proud of Erin for not giving in but then she tries to help Paige and it's still not enough. Personally I think Paige is pretty spoiled and relies on her looks too much. Thank goodness Erin is very down to earth and a likable character. Lucky for Paige, Eliza is even more annoying than her. I was used to Eliza from the Carter House Girls series but she seems to get gotten bolder and even more vindictive. I guess now that she's on her own the cattiness really comes out.

Still even with those two, the story is really fun to read. I am enjoying how Carlson is blending fashion with faith. I say this again because in the past it was deemed non Christian to be into labels but this series shows how you have interests in both. I really like the direction the books are going and I am eager to read more about Erin and Paige's adventures. This is a great series that I think all teen girls, both Christian and non Christian, will enjoy.

Rendezvous by Melody Carlson is published by Zondervan (2010)

This review copy was provided by the publisher


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