Book Blogger Appreciation Week - Day 3

Today's meme question deals with trying out a new book or series based on the influence of another blogger. Last year, I wrote about how I discovered THE HUNGER GAMES thanks to the recommendations of TONS of bloggers and tweets. It was a book I would have never had even gone near yet thanks to all the praise I kept hearing from actual readers (and not just professional reviewers), I read it and loved it.

This year, thanks to reading other blogs, I discovered my newest obsession: Cozy Mysteries.
What is a cozy mystery you ask? Well, think of Murder She Wrote, as a book.

Yes, there actually are Murder She Wrote Books written by Jessica Fletcher herself (with a little help from Donald Bain)

For a more formal and in depth definition, read here.

From, reading reviews from
S.Krishna's Books and Booking Mama, from the oh so informative and incredibly in depth website, and then being able to participate in the Cozy Mystery Challenge, it was a combination of all these that I became hooked. Seriously since April, I have read at least 100 cozy mysteries. My favorite publishers are Berkley Prime Crime and Obsidian Mysteries. Oh that have THE best cozies.

I've found myself drawn to the cozies that deal with food and crafts the most. The food ones are excellent. I've read books on cupcakes, donuts, BBQ, blueberries, peach pies, apples, all kinds of coffee, gourmet cooking classes, cooking at the White House, catering, etc. And they all almost come with awesome recipes too! I also really like cozies that deal with crafts such as knitting, quilting, stamping, soap making, card making, candle making, pottery making, stained glass making, etc. And these all come with tips and tricks in the back of the book as well! Seriously though there are cozies out there for almost anything you could possibly want. I've really enjoyed reading these books and I want to read more of them!

So publishers, publicists and authors: If you publish, promote or write cozy mysteries, PLEASE contact me! I would LOVE to review more cozy mysteries on my blog.
Also if anyone can recommend some blogs to me that focus heavily on cozy mysteries, I would love to discover them as well.


  1. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Cozy mysteries is a genre I've been meaning to read, too, thanks to so many tempting reviews! I've got to read some this winter.

  2. I'm always amazed at the variety of cozy mysteries available. It feels like there's a cozy mystery out there to suit any and every interest.

    My grandmother reads a lot of these, and she used to pass them along to me from time to time. I remember them being quick, enjoyable reads. She had ones with recipes, like you mentioned, and some with crosswords and cleaning tips and other such things.

  3. lol! There is a cozy mystery for every hobby. I think someone mentioned donut mysteries on Twitter!

  4. I agree! I LOVE cozy mysteries! I wish I had more time to read them!

  5. I love that you refer to a genre of books as an obsession! Cozy mysteries are so much fun!

  6. Oh man! I wish you would have given us the titles to some of those foodie books! Hungry just reading the list. I haven't read many cozy mysteries, but they sound like fun.

  7. I love cosy mysteries too! I have so many on my shelves but don't read them as much as I read horror or urban fantasy which is my usual fare - I don't know why as I love them so much. I've just read Dying in the Wool by a British author Frances Brody, I'm sure you'll like it :)

  8. I use to read cozy mysteries a lot. They are so fun.

  9. I love cozies too. I don't always pick them up first, but every once in awhile, they are perfect!

  10. I'm not much of a fan of cozy mysteries (or any mystery, actually) but about once a year, in August, I suddenly crave them and have to read 1-2. Weird!

  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I am not a fan of mysteries, but I'm sure they can be very addicting reads. I'm simply too much of a wimp to start reading anything that might be a bit scary?

  12. Wow, Ive never even heard of this.

  13. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I have been getting into mysteries more and more as of late. Sometimes there is nothing better than curling up with a good mystery.

  14. Welcome to the world of cozy mysteries, Deborah! I have loved these mysteries from the time I discovered Miss Marple, going on 45 years now. Some of my favorite authors are M. C. Beaton, Rhys Bowen, Martha Grimes, Margaret Maron, Earlene Fowler, Lea Wait, Laurien Berenson, Anne George, Nancy Martin, Katherine Hall Page, Victoria Thompson, etc.

    There's a couple of websites I enjoy, in addition to the ones you mentioned: - blog written by a group of cozy mystery writers - This website has the most extensive database of mysteries that I've ever seen. It's all types of mysteries, but you can search by author, character, location, occupation, season, etc. I'm particularly fond of certain locales and have found some great books by searching that way.

  15. I have about 20 pages, with three columns of cozy mysteries. Don't remember my sites, however.


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