Nancy Drew Challenge April Recap

The Nancy Drew Challenge is a reading challenge for 2010 for readers to attempt to read all 56 original yellow hardbacks that were in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Click here for more information or to sign up for the challenge. At the end of each month, I will put up a post where participants of the challenge can recap how they did during that month.

In case you didn't know Nancy Drew celebrated her 80th birthday on April 28. She was introduced to the world back in 1930 and honestly in my opinion changed the world. Heh. It was nice to see articles about Nancy popping up lately and lots of people reminiscing about their childhood. Check out this site for a history of Nancy as well as a lesson in Nancy 101.

This month I read 15 books. They went pretty fast this month for me. There were some good ones but wow there were also some that I could not stand. The worst one for me was The Clue in the Jewel Box. Nancy was just so freaking either ignorant or naive throughout that whole book and it made me want to scream. Seriously if you have read that one, tell me you didn't feel the same way.

Brief thoughts
- I swear to God, George exists just so someone can get hurt before Nancy.
- Ned is being used and he cannot see it!!! Nancy drops dates with him all the time for cases. She even will admit she doesn't want to do things unless a mystery gets involved.
- Nancy never listens to her dad. I know she's 18 and is an adult but still...even in dangerous cases, she will either a) flat out ignore him or b) sweet talk him into letting her have her way.
- Nancy can do everything. Apparently she is able to be a horse trick rider, a ballet dancer, can do archeology, and ski among other things.

How was Nancy Drew for you in April?


  1. Your brief thoughts made me laugh. You won't believe this, but I don't think I've ever read a Nancy Drew book.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Nancy has gotten more.... persuasive. Anywho, I read books 16-22

  3. I'm going to get back on track in May with "regular" Nancy Drew Stories. The only thing I read this month was the Nancy Drew Sleuth Book (which is amusing.) Like your insights on George & Ned! I'll link up my Nancy vs. Trixie post since that's what I read this month and then next month I should be back with a bigger bang! =)

    I didn't know that Nancy turned 80 this month! Thanks for sharing that tidbit!

  4. I read up to book 20. Yeah, I love how Ned is in the mood for romance but all Nancy can think about it the mystery at hand. Poor guy!

    I agree about Jewel Box. She is so trusting.

  5. I didn't get any Nancy books read in April. I was so busy reading Cozy mysteries that I forgot about poor Nancy. I will have to do better in May.


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