Book Review: "Goodbye Hollywood Nobody" by Lisa Samson

Charley’s off to Scotland with her new beau, and Scotty and her dad travel to Maine in search of Scotty’s mom. That’s not all they’re looking for though.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about faith. Scotty’s faced with her bitterness toward Karissa and what it means to live a “Jesusy extraordinary” life. Shouldn’t forgiveness play a role in that?

And when Scotty and her dad land on her mother’s last known trail, will their questions finally be answered?

Ever since I finished the third book in this series, I couldn't wait to get to this book. I moved up this book to the top of my TBR pile forgoing all other books just so I could read more about Scotty and the rest of the gang in her adventures. This book takes us away from the Hollywood scene and focuses instead on Scotty and Karissa's relationship. Both characters do a lot of growing up in this book from their experiences at the children's home. It's quite interesting at the different ends of the spectrum both girls were at. The two of them, while disliking each other greatly, shared a common bond in that they both thought they knew better than each other. However as their stay at the home continues, both learn valuable lesson in humility and maturity.

The part of the story I really wanted to get to was finding out more about Scotty's past. Without spoiling for those who haven't read the other two books, more and more is revealed about Scotty's family and it's very intriguing with each discovery. In this book all is finally told and I'll just say it's satisfying yet a bit sad at the same time. I also really liked where she ended up at the end of the story. It's a lovely place to live.

I was really sad to see this series end. I have really grown to love Scotty and her adventures. She has been one of the most refreshing heroines I have ever read in a YA series. As this book is the fourth book in the series, it is highly recommended that you read the first three before getting to this one. If you just jump into this one, you will be highly confused and will miss a lot of story line and character development. I have absolutely no complaints with this book at all. This books are labeled Christian fiction but I really feel that any YA reader will really enjoy these books. Lisa Samson is a wonderful writer in general but this series has shown that she also knows how to speak to teens and write in voice that they can relate to. If she ever comes out with another YA series, I will jump at the first opportunity to get my hands on it. Seriously this series is VERY HIGHLY recommended from me.

Goodbye Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson is published by NavPress (2008)

This review copy was provided by the publisher


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