Christmas Present Time!

It's about that time! Are you looking around for presents to get for the holiday season? Well make sure you stop by Keepsakes, Etc.'s website. They are an online store retailing in theme throws and wall decor.

Among their products include photo throw Blankets, Custom Designed Throws, Blanket Throws, Mink Faux Fur Blankets, Wall Tapestry, Wall Tapestry Hangings, personalized throw blankets, Fleece Blankets, Furniture Throws, College Stadium Blankets, tapestry throw pillows and College bedding. There are over 2500 gift items available on their website.

I received a Christmas throw blanket for gratis and let me tell you it's really nice. I chose the Thomas Kinkade Christmas throw blanket.

My mother is a HUGE fan of Thomas Kinkade (you should see the house) and I also like his paintings as well. It's really pretty and quite warm and snuggly (and HUGE!) as evidenced by this picture here:

You can get your gift monogrammed as I did which I was really geeked to do as it's our first item that says our married name on it. So we got a little giddy when we opened up the package and saw it. The package shipped really fast and came well packaged.

There are tons of other throw blankets on the site as well as many other gifts. I'm really happy with what I picked and am looking to see if I'll be ordering more for other presents! Be sure to also check out Simply Bags as well!

Thanks to Keepsakes' Etc for providing this product.


  1. You look so cute snuggled under your blanket, Mrs. K!

  2. You don't have a book (or two or three) hidden under there, do ya? :) I *love* being warm and snuggly, so I'll have to check these out.


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