Book Review: "Someday My Prince Will Come" by Jerramy Fine

Most young girls dream of becoming a princess. But unlike most girls, Jerramy Fine never grew out of it. Strangely drawn to the English royal family since she was a child, Jerramy spends her childhood writing love letters to Buckingham Palace and absorbing any information she can find on modern-day princesses throughout the world. Years later, when her sense of destiny finally brings her to London, Jerramy navigates the murky waters of English social circles, etiquette, and dating with hilarious results.

I don't know about you, but I have had a crush on Prince Harry for years. Seriously, I've always had a thing for him over Prince William. Not only is Harry hotter and has a full head of hair, by being second son, you would get all the benefits of being a princess without having to worry about being queen. Because as we all know, being a prince or princess is far less stress worthy than being king or queen.

I adored this book from the get go. The writing is extremely engaging and hooks you right from the beginning. Jerramy is just wonderfully witty and so funny in her tale of how she believes she was switched at birth and is the true daughter of British parents. Her difference from her parents is extreme and it's funny reading about how she keeps trying to distance herself from them and be the princess she was born to be. I thought it was just brilliant that this book focuses on the forgotten royal, Peter Phillips, son of Princess Anne. Honestly, I would have never expected this book to be about him. I thought no one else knew about Princess Anne's kids!

Reading about her escapades in England was just fascinating and made me feel like I was really there. She does such a good job at explaining the locale and what's going on that I could hear the British accents and see all the big landmarks like Big Ben in my head. Jerramy pretty much lived the life I have always wanted to so I'm glad that it was her and not me that had to go through all the hurdles to maintain that lifestyle! She gives good explanations of British history, how the government is run, and just tidbits about every day life as a Brit. I really enjoyed the footnotes throughout the story, that either gave more information about certain topics or added more off beat humor to the story.

I just about died of laughter when Jerramy opens up the gossip magazine and finds the article that says Peter had a girlfriend. Her reaction was exactly what I would have done. I also squeeed when I saw the last chapter. It was so exciting, and a picture to boot! If only that could have happened with me and Prince Harry. Granted Jerramy tried a lot harder than I have to get close her royal. I wonder what her reaction was when Peter got married last year. (In case anyone was wondering, he now lives in Hong Kong as well).

There is a little bit of cursing, but it doesn't play a bit factor in the book. This is probably the best and funniest memoir that I have ever read. The book is really easy to get into, it reads like a chick lit novel. Honestly, it's now one of my favorite reads of 2009. I really recommend this for everyone. There's something in it for everyone. Those who are Anglophiles. Those who love memoirs. Those who love chick lit. Those who love the royals. And especially for those who ever dreamed of being a princess. VERY HIGHLY Recommended.

Someday My Prince Will Come by Jerramy Fine is published by Gotham (2008)

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  1. Sounds awesome - I'm gonna have to check it out.

  2. Sounds like a book I would love, even though I've never had a crush on Harry or William for that matter! That would be gross - they're Vance's age!

  3. I really liked this when I read it last year, it was definitely a fun novel. I have to disagree about Harry, though, William is DEFINITELY where it is at. I'm impressed that you knew about Princess Anne's kids, I didn't even know about Princess Anne!

  4. Oooh...I'm putting it on my WL!

  5. Ok, just want to double check, was this non-fiction? hahaha It sounds great and could be one of the first non-Christian book I've read since...I don't know when!


  6. I rushed out to grab this one the moment I heard about it, but I'm ashamed to say that was now almost a year ago! I'm a HUGE Anglophile and love stories of American ex-pats and British culture... and love stories too, of course! Not sure what I wouldn't like about this one, haha. And I'm totally with you on Prince Harry... he's got the sexy rebel thing going on! Plus, I like redheads ;)


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