Baby Sitters Club Week: Spotlight on Claudia

Claudia Lynn Kishi is the Vice President of the Baby Sitters Club. She is Japanese American. Her father is a banker and her mother is head librarian at Stoneybrook Public Library. Claudia has one older sister Janine who is extremely smart. She was very close to her grandmother Mimi before she passed away. Claudia is also very close to her aunt Peaches.

She is known for her love of Nancy Drew books and junk food, both which are hidden throughout her room. She is notoriously a poor speller although her IQ is quite high, she just doesn't apply herself in school. She was moved back to seventh grade for a while. She is a very talented artist however. This spills over into her fashion choices which are described in almost every single book.

She has known Kristy and Mary Anne her entire life as the 3 of them lived in a triangle from each other. However, she didn't have a best friend until Stacey McGill moved from New York in 7th grade. She was chosen as Vice President due to the fact that meeting were held in her room and she had her own private phone line. Some of her favorite sitting charges include The Perkins and The Newtons.

Claudia has had many boyfriends throughout the series from Trevor Sandbourne to Will from Camp Mohawk to Terry from California.

Lolz lolz lolz. Would you believe I typed almost all of that from memory? As you may have guessed Claudia was my favorite member of the BSC. Of course this is mainly due to the fact that she is Asian American and thus as an Asian American I liked her. It's interesting that, even though it's almost always pointed out that she's exotic (or even having almond shaped eyes...for realz????), no one ever has a problem with her being Asian until the book Keep Out Claudia.

Claudia and her junk food habits always got a kick out of me. But how did she remember where everything was? What if it spoiled? And you're telling me her mother NEVER went into her room? Also apparently Janine hides candy too. Speaking of which, I actually liked Janine. There were times when she was a bit annoying but overall she wasn't bad at all. She helps out Claudia and stands up for her. BTW I HATED reading Claudia's handwritten posts. First off the handwriting was terrible. Second, I couldn't stand the misspellings. Especially when she got her own friends' names wrong!

Then there are the clothes. Oh my. If you haven't been to this website then you MUST visit it. Some of her outfits are just OMG what were they thinking???? Like this one for example

Makeover!! by kibblesthepig.
TBH I have no idea which book this is from as I think I had stopped reading them by this point. But what on earth were they thinking???? First off, I've seen to notice that Claud is the shortest BSC member, as this cover confirms. The clothes just kills me. But what really sets me off is LOAFERS with WHITE SOCKS!!!

Claudia's Book Catalog

#2Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls: Claudia's not sure she wants to find out who's on the other end of the line.
#7Claudia and Mean Janine: Claudia's sister makes everything impossible - even baby-sitting!
#12Claudia and the New Girl: Claudia's got to decide: either the Babysitters Club or the new girl-one of them's got to go.
#19Claudia and the Bad Joke: Claudia's not worried when she hears her newest babysitting charge, Betsy Sobak, is a great practical joker.
#26Claudia and the Sad Good-bye: Claudia has a sad good-bye to make.
#33Claudia and the Great Search: Claudia thinks she's adopted, and no one understands!
#40Claudia and the Middle School Mystery: How could anyone accuse Claudia of cheating?
#49Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street: How could a seven-year-old make Claudia feel so dumb?
#56Keep Out, Claudia: Who wouldn't want Claudia for a baby-sitter?
#63Claudia's --Freind-- Friend: Claudia and Shea can't spell, but they can be friends!
#71Claudia and the Perfect Boy: Mary Anne has Logan. Stacey has her boyfriend Robert. Kristy even has a sort-of boyfriend Bart. Isn't there someone out there for Claudia?
#78Claudia and Crazy Peaches: Claudia can't believe her luck - wacky Aunt Peaches, one of her favorite people on the planet, is moving back to Stoneybrook...and she's going to have a baby!
#85Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!: Claudia has a radio show! Will she be ready when Stoneybrook tunes in?
#91Claudia and the First Thanksgiving: Claudia's drama class gets to write a play for the third graders at SES and help them stage it! They decide on the Thanksgiving story.
#97Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby: Claudia's baby cousin is finally here!
#113Claudia Makes Up Her Mind
#117Claudia and the Terrible Truth
#123Claudia's Big Party
#128Claudia and the Little Liar


#6The Mystery at Claudia's House: Dawn's house may have a ghost, but Claudia's has a mystery!
#11Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum: What kind of crook would steal art?
#16Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph: The Baby-sitters learn that the bank has been robbed. Has Claudia caught the thief on film?
#21Claudia and the Recipe for Danger: When a big baking contest comes to Stoneybrook, Claudia can't wait to enter.

Portrait Collection

Claudia's Book: "So this is my autobiography. Even though I'm not good at writing, it's been cool remembering when I was little."


  1. Hey dear one ~ I've given you an award :)

  2. I was telling Booking Daughter that you loved Claudia and she told me that Claudia was her favorite character too!

  3. Claudia isn't my favorite character but your post brought back some great memories. My favorite Claudia book was probably Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.

  4. This is such an excellent post, Deborah!!!! LOL at that blog!! :)

  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    claudia's a total bitch

  6. Claudia's my fave character. I love her wacky sense of fashion and try to dress like her every day.

  7. I <3 Claudia. She's the best in the BSC. Except maybe for Kristy and Mary Anne and maybe Jessi.

  8. Rosilyn4:21 PM

    Um...Okay. Maybe u should grow out of the BSC. I'm 9 years old and stopped reading the BSC at age 6. That's gotten me to be in 9th grade now. I'm in the middle of Eclipse by Stephanie Myers. It's an intriguing book and I'm enjoying it immensely. I've also read Under the Dome, Les Miserables (unabridged), Gone with the Wind, Lord of the Rings, War and Peace, The Law of Torts, Finnegan's Wake, The Count of Monte Cristo (unabridged version), The Stand, It, The Dark Tower, Anna Karenina, Atlas Shrugged, The Magic Mountian, Beowulf (not sure if it's spelled right and not much compared to the others), Coronation Street, Never Let Me Go, Saturday, On Beauty, and Slow Man. I've read all of these in the past year.

  9. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Claudia is an amazing character! I am nothing like her. People say I'm most like Kristy, but she is so funny. :)

  10. Carla9:08 PM

    Claudia is a good character, but not realistic enough. As a character, Mary Anne is probably the most believable.


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