Book Review: "Paparazzi Princess" by Jen Calonita

As the last season of Family Affair comes to a close, prime-time teen star Kaitlin Burke is no closer to deciding what she wants to do after the show ends. Struggling with career
choices and bummed over a ridiculous catfight with her BFF, Liz, Kaitlin is so mixed up she even starts to semi-bond with her archnemesis, Sky. Worst of all, she falls in with two of Hollywood's biggest party fiends when one of them asks her, "Don't you ever do what you want to do?" Shopping sprees and the Tinseltown nightlife seems fun at first, but soon Kaitlin realizes that being a paparazzi princess just might be her downfall.

I've learned so much from reading this series. All the secrets that are told in this book really gives an insider's look to the Hollywood industry. This time the reader learns what needs to be done when an actress is making a change in her career and the steps that must be done to keep that career going. I felt that this book showed Kaitlin as more of a Hollywood star and less of a regular teen than previous novels. I didn't think there was anything in this book that screamed normal in this story. Sure she had to face studying for SATs but other than that, all her problems and dilemmas came from being a celebrity. The whole industry from Kaitlin's view is fascinating from the Vanity Fair party to having to deal with socialites who thrive on the paparazzi to learning how celebrities handle music contracts. I also liked how the author took a rather formulaic story (best friends grow apart, new girl comes in between) and put a twist on it and took it to a whole new level. I thought I was going to get the same old predictable storyline but instead I was delightfully surprised.

This has been one of the best YA series I've read this year because it's been fun and informative at the same time. Jen Calonita writes in a way that is entertaining, page turning but without having to resort to sex and language for page filler. I can't wait for the next book in the series to see what else is in store for Kaitlin.

Paparazzi Princess by Jen Calonita is published by Little Brown Young Readers (2009)


  1. This does sound like a fun series, but I'm so out of the loop on Hollywood stuff, I'm not sure I'd understand all of it.


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