Book Review: "Secrets of Happiness" by Sarah Dunn

This is not your typical chick lit book. In fact I don't even think you could categorize this book in that genre. For one thing, it's too depressing. Every character in the story is trying desperately to find what makes them happy and the majority of them are failing. I did though enjoy Amanda's character very much. I actually liked her relationship with Lucas and would have been interested to see what would have happened between the two of them. Her relationship with her dog is wonderful as well and very cute. I also liked Betsy's character and the surprising ending for her as well. The book was a quick read for me and I found the writing engaging and very readable.

However while I found the cover really cute, it doesn't really seem to fit in with the rest of the book. The characters in the novel, while they may think they have found what makes them happy just seem to be following more emotions than anything else. I really did not like Amanda's character. Her whole situation of justifying why it was ok to cheat on her husband and then especially with the ending of the book grated on my nerves. It always makes me wonder why people get married if they know they don't really love the person they are with.
One thing I could have done without was the graphic sex and language. It was just a little too much for my taste. Overall I would have to say it's an ok book but I didn't find any secrets to happiness for myself in it.

Secrets of Happiness by Sarah Dunn is published by Little Brown and Company (2009)


  1. It was just okay for me, too. I found all the characters and sub-plots too distracting.

  2. I really didn't like her other book that I read so I'm not surprised that this one was disappointing.


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