Faith 'n Fiction Saturday

My Friend Amy, who brought us Book Blogger Appreciation Week has a new carnival in the works, the Faith 'n Fiction Saturday.

Each week she will post a blogging prompt, which participating bloggers will answer on their own blogs. Then they head back to the original post and sign Mister Linky! This way we can all come to know each other more closely.

Today's Topic
Well since tomorrow is Father's Day and it's likely that a few of you may still need to purchase a Father's Day gift why not books?

Do you have a book you'd recommend as a Father's Day gift? I'm particularly interested in any Christian fiction books you'd recommend for dads, since I'm always reading that men read less fiction than women!

Ok I'm not really much help because my dad doesn't read fiction at all. Never has his entire life except for school. He prefers his fiction in movie form. But he INHALES non fiction like a champ. Seriously, any review book I get that's Christian non fiction I pass along to him and he loves them. I could recommend a whole slew of non fiction that he loves. His library is almost as big as mine! I got my love of carrying around and stacking books from him.

However there has been a lot of good CF that's come out that are good for any males. Here's a list of Christian fiction male authors that are targeted to males (ie. no Nicholas Sparks type stuff). If your dad or any male likes fiction, pretty much any guy from this list is a winner.

* Ted Dekker
* Frank Peretti
* Davis Bunn
* Brandt Dodson
* Stephen Lawhead
* Joel Rosenberg
* Don Brown
* Noel Hynd
* Athol Dickson
* Mark Andrew Olsen
* TL Hines
* James Scott Bell
* Craig Parshall
* Robert Liparulo
* Randy Alcorn
* Mel Odom
* Steven James
* Paul Robertson
* Alton Gansky
* Travis Thrasher
* James David Jordan
* Tim Downs
* Eric Wilson
* Randy Singer
* Harry Kraus
* Robin Parrish
* Bill Myers


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    that is a fantastic list. I am writing some of these a just in case :)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  2. Oh yea, Travis Thrasher...scary!


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