Book Review: "A Silent Terror" by Lynette Eason

Marianna’s roommate was killed in their apartment. Now the killer seems to have targeted Marianna and is stalking her ever move. She’s fearful of whoever comes near her and is always watching out behind her back. But if the killer happens to be right behind her, she won’t know. Marianna is deaf which puts a whole new outlook as to solving this mystery. Will Ethan, the detective on the case, be able to find out who the murderer is and see if he can do it without losing his heart to Marianna?

This book was very unique as I had never read a mystery involving a deaf main character before. Actually it was quite interesting because I didn’t realize that Marianna was deaf at first. I kept wondering why she didn’t realize the intruder was in her house when it was so obvious. Luckily though I finally figured it out and it made the storyline even more interesting. Things we take for granted such as hearing someone approach us from behind or a car honking for us to get out of the way are luxuries that Marianna will never be able to attain. It makes for a very unique storyline because by removing one of the five senses, the reader and the characters have to use what’s left to solve the mystery. The story is fast paced and there’s a good deal amount of suspense in it. The characters are likable and the chemistry between the main characters is both believable and enjoyable to read. I quite enjoyed this book and I’m looking forward to reading more from Lynnette in the future. A wonderful addition to the Love Inspired Suspense line.

A Silent Terror
by Lynette Eason is published by Steeple Hill (2009)


  1. This reminded me of an Audrey Hepburn flick, WAIT UNTIL DARK - only her character's not deaf, she's blind. That movie was CREEPY!! And it's all because of, as you say in your review, the main character doesn't have a sense that I take for granted. Definitely makes ya think!


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