Movie Review: "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

One of the good things about my boyfriend coming down to visit was that I got to see 2 movies I've been dying to see for free. Plus free popcorn refills! (and yes it was good to see him as well) I've been waiting all summer to see POTC since I saw the other two in the theaters as well (I saw the first one 4 times).

Johnny Depp is wonderful again in his role as Jack Sparrow. It never feels old watching him act like that. I know that women will love that scene with the multiple Jacks. I love the scene with Keith Richards as his dad. Who knew Keith Richards could act serious. I orginally saw the first Pirates because of Orlando Bloom (Legalos!!!!) Well sorry Orly, you won't win an Oscar for this movie (interestingly Pirates hosts 1 Oscar Winner and 2 nominees) But I still love Will Turner, especially near the end of the movie. Chow Yun Fat!!!! Love him in this role! After seeing him in the trailers we were very excited to watch him. But he's only in the movie for like 20 min?????

You can tell that there is lots of movie magic as Keira Knightley does not look one bit anorexic in the movie. She's also quite tan which would be something highly looked down for a woman during that time period. Of course she is not your normal 18th century fair maiden. I think she's a wonderful female heroine, I love her life. I wish I could sword fight like that. Yay Geoffrey Rush is back! Funny thing is, is Barbossa good or bad? But he seems to be on the good guy's side this time. I liked the scene when he marries Jack and Elizabeth. His turning sides reminded me of X-Men 2 when all the mutants joined forces, here all the pirates do the same. I think he's perfectully suited for this role as well. Although I felt bad that in the credits he's listed as "with Geoffrey Rush" even though he's pretty much in every scene.

*Spoiler* I really wish Norrington hadn't died. I liked how his character evolved throughout the three movies. You felt sorry for him because he really did live Elizabeth and was basically a good guy. I kept wanting to yell at Will's dad to be quiet but nooooo he had to go and make noise and kill him. Well at least he died honorably.

Tons of battle and fighting scenes. Really good special effects. Love the scene at the end with the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman (oh and loved seeing Bill Nighy as Davy Jones being human for like 20 seconds) And I will not lie, the scene where all the pirates raise their flags was very emotional. I wanted to cheer too.

Did you stay for the very end of the movie after the credits? I won't spoil it for you if you haven't. I actually love it when there are things at the end that you have to wait for. For that record I really love long movies. More bang for your buck. Although it's no fun when you've drank a large drink and have to get up in the middle of the movie. So if you liked the other Pirates movies you'll enjoy this one too. Perfect summer blockbuster - action, romance, pirates.


  1. Great review :) I am waiting to see this with my sister and her hubby when they return from the UK after a holiday.


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