Book Review: "My Life as a Doormat in Three Acts" by Rene Gutteridge

Please wipe your feet first

Leah Townsend is a struggling playwright who's trying to regain the momentum from the one hit play she had. She's in a relationship with Dr. Edward Crowse, a physics professor who makes all her decisions for her. Her family always assumes she is the perfect child because she does everything they tell her too. Her best friend thinks that Leah will support her no matter what the situation or what time. Leah has been ok with this until one day she decides to change. This leads to Edward enrolling her into an anger management class. Humiliated and reluctant, Leah goes expecting to blend in. However she soon discovers that being a doormat is not what she really wants to be in life.

This book was really difficult to read at first. I really didn't like the way that Leah was being treated by everyone. I couldn't stand that she wouldn't stand up to anybody in her family and friends and how she would just let them walk all over her. I really hated her boyfriend Edward. That guy was such a jerk especially after enrolling her in the anger management class. I mean what type of person does that just because someone tries out something new or disagrees with you? But then as I kept reading, I liked how Leah was changing. She learned to finally deal and resolve conflict instead of just always giving in. I liked how she knew that this could radically change her life and the relationships she was in. She changed her life completely and finally became happy instead of just settling for mediocrity. The anger management classes were fun to read, some of the characters I would have had problems keeping my temper with! I applauded to her decision with Edward. It was funny though to see how he tried to change for her or at least his thinking of what "change" really was. I enjoyed her relationship with Cinco, it was just what she needed. The title of this book really catches your eye as does the cover. It's a great chick lit book and it's one I think a lot of people should read. Don't be afraid to change.

My Life As a Doormat
by Rene Gutteridge is published by Thomas Nelson (2006)


  1. This is my favourite book of Rene's! Glad you enjoyed it eventually - LOL!!!


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