Book Review: "The Miracle" by Gilbert Morris

All I need is a miracle

Lanie's family needs money more than ever with the depression going on and their father in jail. The Satterfield kids come up with the idea to having a rolling store - a store in a truck. Meanwhile Maeva is becoming friends with the son of the town's bootlegger. Lanie meets a famous writer who's come to Fairhope to get inspiration while still being courted by Roger.
Cass is getting ready to give birth with potential husbands lined up. Cody's still out to preach the rest of the world to "turn or burn." Dr. Owen befriends the new widow in town only to have her turn on him and accuse him of improper activities. To top all this Lanie's dad has a serious tumor that will require surgery. It'll take a miracle for the family to get through all these tough times.

This book was a little better than the last one. I did like how Logan Satterfield's character began to change. Mavea also has stopped being really rebellious and shows signs of wanting to become a Christian. I liked how she got Logan to go to church with her because in the past books she would never have dreamed about going to church on her own and now she is getting guys to go with her. The store in a truck idea was very interesting and appropriate for the time period. I liked how the family worked together to conceive the idea and then actually make it happen. It was good to read of how close the family were to help out each other in times of need. Also very glad to read about Cass and Nelson. While he wasn't the original guy I thought she would end up being with, I think that the couple will do well together.

I kinda of felt though that Brent Hayden's character wasn't really necessary. While he did help out Lanie with her writing, he just becomes another suitor in her already filled love live. Now she has three men competing for her, as the town is quick to point out. She does spend quite a bit of time alone with him which she doesn't seem to be too concerned about. The bit about the end result of Lanie's father's cancer seemed unreal to me. I know situations like that have happened but this just seemed to be a huge coincidence. Also the situation with the doctor and the widow seemed to be played unfairly and very wrong to brought up in a church setting. Still a fun read, looking forward to the next one.

The Miracle by Gilbert Morris is published by Zondervan (2007)


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