Book Review: "In Search of Eden" by Linda Nichols

I love Abingdon

Miranda was 16 when her child was given up for adoption eleven years ago. Her relationship with her own mother is not the greatest. She finds a letter giving clues that her child may be in Abingdon, VA so she travels there in search of her. When she reaches the small town, she's noticed by the sheriff who's past rivals that of Miranda's. Together the two form a shaky relationship that strengthens with the friendship of Joseph's 11 year old niece who just happens to be adopted....

So I had seen this book in the bookstore and online for a while and didn't pay much attention to it because I hadn't read anything by the author before. Then one day I decided to finally read the blurb on the back and saw that the story was based in Abingdon, VA. I was shocked! My boyfriend lives there and I have been there several times. I had to read the book now. I wasn't disappointed. What I thought was pretty cool was that lots of places that were mentioned I've either visited or have seen. I could also ask the BF to see if the other places really existed (sorry folks there's no Hasty Taste) and he said that his church is mentioned in the book (under a different name).

I really liked the story. I liked Miranda's character and I felt sorry for her and her mother. They did not have a good relationship at all and that can be blamed on Miranda's grandfather. It's sad how abuse has a domino effect and keeps hurting generations later. Eden seemed like a really cool kid and it would be cool to get to know her. I didn't like Joseph at first. He seemed to keep picking on Miranda for no reason especially when he does the extensive background checks on her. But then you read his back story and you understand why he acts this way. It's a wonderful character study.

There were some minor qualms I found with the book, mainly with just the cover. Eden is described as an 11 year old kid who dresses sort of punkish. The girl on the cover looks like she is 5 and dressed for Sunday School. I kept picturing Anna Sophia Robb in Bridge to Terabithia instead (who I think if they made this movie into a book would be a good Eden). Also I was informed by my boyfriend that Abingdon does not have its own postmark. All mail from that area either says Bristol or Washington Country. Other than those quirks, i enjoyed this book and am glad to have found a new author. It's always fun to read about places you've been to (which by the way Abingdon is a charming town that everyone should visit)

In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols is published by Bethany House (2007)


  1. I've been reading a lot of books centered around Washington, DC and the surrounding counties. It is a hoot to read familiar locales and find out the made-up ones. As long as they are not too far-fetched, I'm okay. Like, for instance, I zipped along on the Capital beltway at anytime!


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