Movie Review: "Evan Almighty"

Yet another movie I got to see for free because the BF was here. For this movie, we went to the smaller movie theater where the matinée was only $3.50. It wasn't too crowded, you didn't get refills on the drinks but the popcorn was still good. I had been looking forward to see this film because it had been filmed mostly in Virginia. In fact scenes had been shot in Charlottesville and my sister was going to try out to be an extra but no one would give her a ride. Plus I had surprisingly enjoyed Bruce Almighty.

This movie was downright hilarious. I love Steve Carrell. He is got to be one of the funniest guys in Hollywood. He's just so deadpan in his reactions. He's great in The Office and I actually did quite enjoy The 40 Year Virgin (surprisingly a film about abstinence). He is wonderful in the movie. I especially love the scenes where his hair grows. The ponytail beard was a hoot. I was pretty much cracking up throughout the entire movie. (What was weird was seeing John Goodman as a bad guy after watching the entire 2nd season of Roseanne)

What really got me about this movie was how respectful it was about God and faith. No where at all is there anything disrespectful or offensive in this movie at all. Morgan Freeman is a perfect interpretation of what God would be. Almighty, all knowing, all powerful but still allowing us to make our own choices, showing us that he will always love us no matter what. I even love all the little "in" Biblical jokes only Christians would get. And who doesn't know the story of Noah and the flood? And yet....

I really don't know why people won't go see this movie. If you're not into comedies I can maybe understand. But what baffles me more than anything are the Christians who won't see a movie like this but then will complain that Hollywood never puts out anything decent. HELLO????? If you won't go see a movie that has nothing objectionable, is marketed to Christians, and is highly respectful to the faith, why would you think Hollywood would spend more money trying to make you happy? If I were trying to market what was popular, I would assume that movies praising religion are not ideal and that people would rather see gore and sex. Because obviously more people in this country would rather see Knocked Up that this movie. The industry has catered to your demands yet you turn them away and then expect them to keep pleasing you. I hate to call fellow believers names but *cough*hypocrites does come to mind *cough*. Ok off my soapbox. :) Feel free to disagree with me, but this is how I feel.

If you are still looking for a movie to take the family to (and have already seen Ratatouille) please go see this movie. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it.


  1. Anonymous2:30 AM

    very interesting to read your opinion. what you addressed was my concern about this movie because i did wonder if it was only going to be a mockery of christianity. interesting to hear your take, thank you. :)

  2. Thanks for the review. I get irritated when Christians refuse to support good movies.

  3. Thanks Deb - good to know :)

  4. I know this is off topic but when did you finish HP!!! Good grief!

  5. Anonymous9:47 PM

    "supporting a good film?" Egads, is that similar to "supporting the troops?". Maybe if it was actually funny, maybe if it was actually fresh, new, entertaining and creative instead some inane dribble portraying the good little christian wifey with absolutely no personality of her own or brain. Maybe if it had a real story to it.
    Some Christians have better taste than this nonsense.


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