Movie Review: Macgyver The Complete Fifth Season

so i don't think there's anyone in this country (and apparently large parts of SE Asia) who doesn't know who Macgyver is. I mean everyone knows that to stop a bomb all you need is gum, a paperclip and a rubberband. Locked in room with a burning fire? Toothpaste and a knitting needles will put it out AND open the door. A sewage plant is overspilling? Acid in a chocolate bar will plug that leak right up. (ok so the first two i made up, but the third one was definately in the show).

I was too young to watch Macgyver in its original run, but thanks to TV on DVD and the library, I've been able to enjoy the first five season almost every night with my parents. See my dad's an engineer, and engineers are crazy over Macgyver. When I took my Engineering Fundamentals class first year we had a Macgyver box where we could only use those items to build things. But again i digress....(and am no longer an engineering major)

The first four seasons are great. Fun, inventive, and yes sometimes cheesy. The fifth season starts off with Macgyver having to find the holy grail. Now it was a fun episode, with an especially nervous, tense, stomach sucking in scene involving an inquistion torture device, but I couldn't help wondering, where would this story fit in with the Da Vinci Code? The rest of the season is like that. Fun, clean excitement that lets you use your brain. My two favorite episodes dealt with the Tiannamen Square situation in China and an episode that involved Macgyver having a dream he's in the west with all his friends (including a young Teri Hatcher and Bruce McGill, who looks just like my pastor) and enemies (and Cuba Gooding Jr!) The only episodes I never really like are the "social situation" episodes because they dont' have many Macgyver-isms. I mean that's why the show was popular and to not have them makes the episode boring.

But what REALLY stands out about this season is the...MULLET! My gosh it was so long that it was distracting. IF he had kept it tied up, it wouldn't be a problem. But it was just hanging there... Interestingly, no one else in the whole season had a mullet. I know it was the "fashion" of the time, but it just looks so funny in today's age. Good news, I currently am looking at the case of season six and it appears that he cut here's hoping.


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