Book Review: "Theodora's Wedding" by Penny Culliford

Time to break out the fake accent again

When I finished Theodora's Diary, my first thought was "Great book, I want more." Lucky for me, I had already placed my interlibrary loan and this book reached me in two weeks. I finished it in two days. This book deals mainly with Theodora's relationships with her new vicar, her new boss at her job, and of course her upcoming wedding with Kevin. I liked the introduction of the new characters especially the vicar, who does not fit into the typical ideal of a priest and gets into conflict with the uptight Jeremiah. Theodora's adventures, no matter what she does, are always exciting. Just having the deal with the people she meets and how she reacts to them is worth reading about. The scene she has with Declan, and the events that follow afterwards, are so typical of guys. And then they think they've done nothing wrong and it's all the girl's fault!

I loved reading this book. The characters were hilarious and totally relatable (well most of them). Looking foward to reading the next book, if it ever gets returned from the library...(whoever has it, it's overdue!)

My only complaint is I have no idea what on earth a bludgie is. A little help, anyone?

Theodora's Wedding by Penny Culliford is published by Zondervan (2003)


  1. Anonymous5:49 PM

    Hi Deborah,

    Glad you enjoyed the book. A "budgie" is short for "budgerigar" - a small parakeet, usually kept in a cage as a pet.

    Sorry about all the British slang!

    All the best,



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