Movie Review: Little House on the Prairie Season One

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(ok so technically this is a TV on DVD review and not an actually movie but this WAS the latest DVD that i've watched)

I grew up reading the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I read the whole series about once every two years. And reading the cookbook is the best book to read while eating. So people find it hard to believe that I never watched the TV series growing up. (or at least the reruns since the show ended right before I was born). Now I've gotten the chance to since the libraries around here have the complete series on DVD.

My first reaction to watching season one was, why does Pa not have a beard???? Pa's beard in the book is essential to his character, and Michael Landon is completely clean-shaven. Not even scruff! I mean you think about how hard it would have been back then to shave every morning and what a hassle it would have been. It would be one thing for Mr. Oleson who lived in the store and be higher class than the Ingalls family to be clean-shaven. But for Pa to not have a beard. And why was Jack not a brindle bulldog? And small nitpicking on the package: why is Mr. Edwards portrayed on the disc on the package but on the actual disc is Ernest Borgoine as the angel Jonathan?

Anywho, aside from all that I really enjoyed the show. I've always loved prairie stories and these fit right into that category. For the most part, they actually do follow some storylines with the book. The characters are not cheesy and there are funny situations in the episodes. Mrs. Oleson and Nellie are *bleh* but that's how their characters are written up to be. I like Melissa Gilbert as Laura, I think she fits her perfectly. Ma and Pa seem very natural. I liked how they ate popcorn in bed. And I absolutely loved when Anne Archer guest starred as Kate Thorvald in the episode where she is engaged to the doctor. I loved the way she wore her hair. I realize that it's probably extensions but it looked so elegant. Maybe I'll put my hair like that for my wedding one day. *shrugs*

Little House season One is perfect for family viewing. Nothing objectionable at all unless you don't like good clean family fun. Now I must patiently wait for season 2 to be returned so I can watch.


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