Book Review: "Entangled" by Tracie Peterson

"The sad duty of politics is to establish justice in a sinful world." -Jimmy Carter

Entangled is another entry in Bethany House's old Portraits series. Tracie Peterson is also one of my favorite authors. I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Cara Kellser is forced to join politician Bob Kerns as his running mate for governor of Kansas. During the road to election and after, Cara finds out what type of man Kerns really is. She wants to get out but she fears for her life and the lives of those connected to her, specifically her daughter and state trooper Harry Oberlin. The characters of the bad guys in the story are deliciously evil as they are men who think only of themselves, and how they can keep profiting not thinking about their family or those close to them. If all politicians are like this: Beware!

I enjoyed this book for the most part. My only main complaint is the character of Cara's daughter. She is supposed to be 11 years old in the book yet she acts like a 5 year old. Maybe kids have matured more in the last few years but when I was 10 I didn't' jump around all the time, waiting to be picked up and carried by people. Also I'm not sure of how other states run their elections but it seemed unlikely that someone with absolutely no political experience whatsoever would be able to run for office. Political parties are not mentioned but it seems that Cara's political views are different from Kerns, and I'm sure that the media would have brought that up and made a big deal about it.

The romance story is not the main story and seems to be put in as an afterthought. The story was fast paced, suspenseful and gives a good look into political campaigns. Enjoyable read during election time!

Entangled by Tracie Peterson is published by Bethany House (1997)


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