Book Review: "The Christmas Lamp" by Lori Copeland

When the small town of Nativity, Missouri, loses its much-needed seasonal business, more than the economy suffers. Lifelong resident Roni Elliot clashes with the new outside consultant Jake Brisco, whose drastic budget-slashing threatens the traditions and spirit of Nativity. However, as forgotten joys rekindle and new traditions emerge, Christmas once again becomes a season of hope.

Lori Copeland has written another book to remind us what is the true meaning of Christmas. The town of Nativity has been suffering from the lack of economy and have called in a financial consultant to help them with their money woes. However as soon as Jake arrives, he gets off to a bad start with the townsfolk by nearly wrecking their beloved Christmas tree. Jake soon finds that the town is so involved with tradition in keeping an ideal Christmas that it's easy to see why they are in debt. As he tries to wean them from their long standing traditions, both him and the town learn what should be important during the holiday season. This book is a really great way to get into the holiday season but it also shows what we should also be focusing on. The town, while having good intentions, seem to be set in their ways and didn't want to change things even though they were suffering. Even when told how their continued ways would bring on the town's demise, they were still adamant on keeping things just as they were because they were comfortable with it. I could totally understand Jake's frustration with the townsfolk and Roni. They needed help but wouldn't accept it. This book has several lessons running throughout it which really makes you think about not only the holiday season but what we put importance on.

I was EXTREMELY geeked to read about the lamp from A Christmas Story! It's one of my family's favorite Christmas movies and we always get a kick out of watching it every year. In fact my sisters' bought a miniature version of the lamp for my husband for Christmas while we were dating.

The only little qualm I had with the story is how fast Roni and Jake's relationship progressed. He's been in town for only a few weeks and by the end of the story they are already in love. I just didn't feel like it was very realistic and not very encouraging to other advice that tells you not to fall in love too quickly. Other than that, I enjoyed the book. It's a quick read and it does get you in the holiday spirit. It's good to have reminders of why we celebrate Christmas and where to place importance on during this hectic season.

The Christmas Lamp by Lori Copeland is published by Zondervan (2009)

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