Book Review: "Too Good to be True" by Trish Perry

I've Found My Prince

Ren Young is still getting over her divorce. While happy for her friend Kara who has found the guy of her dreams, Ren is still wary about getting back into the dating scene. She wants to adopt a little boy from her class whose mother is in jail. Overcome by the stress of trying to get the adoption straightened out, she succumbs to exhaustion and faints in Walmart. Then she has the fantasy of every woman by waking up in the arms of a handsome medical guy. Tru Sayers is everything Ren needs, wants, and more. But her past and emotions keep her from being able to fully reach out to him. Will she let this almost perfect guy slip through her fingers?

I was glad to be reunited with the characters from The Guy I'm Not Dating. This group of friends is one that I wish I could hang out with. They're older than me but they seem like a really cool, down to earth group of people. I really like Ren, she is a character you really feel for and that you want good things to happen to her. So when she does mean Tru, you get happy for her. I love their relationship and watching it grow. It seemed totally real and you could relate to them. What I liked best about Tru was that he was NOT perfect. I get tired about reading about Christian guys who have everything going for them and not one single flaw. It makes both the girl in the story and myself feel inadequate compared to them. While he was a gentleman to Ren and seemed to be everything she dreamed of, there were still flaws. Tru had issues with his family and with his mother, which is a situation I'm sure every woman would thrilled to be a part of. I also appreciated that even though Ren is divorced, she is not portrayed as someone who is either condemned from the church or shown as having a life that is over. It's another cliche that Christian fiction tends to fall to in regards to divorced women. I was glad to see that she was able to start dating and that there was no judgment passed on her for wanting to. While there are many lighthearted moments in the story, there are also serious subjects that are sprinkled throughout. Topics such as adoption and infertility are discussed but the mood is not too sobered down. Jeremy is my favorite character because cute British guys with that accent are my vice. I also liked seeing Tiffany grow as a character since the last book. I'm glad to say that the next book is dedicated to her and Jeremy's story. This was a great book to read and was a wonderful way to spend my afternoons. It's another enjoyable read from Trish Perry. This book is great for those that like their chick lit with characters a little bit older, a little bit more serious, but still able to have good laughs and fun times.

Too Good to Be True by Trish Perry is published by Harvest House (2007)


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I like chick lit - especially when I'm at the beach. This one sounds like it would suit me!


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