Book Review: "Healing Stones" by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn

In Your Face Fiction

With one flash of a camera, Demi's private life becomes public news. She doesn't know it yet, but her healing has just begun

Christian college professor Demitria Costanas had vowed to end her affair with a colleague. But she gives into temptation one last time...and a lurking photographer captures her weakness for all to see. Quite literally, she's the woman caught in adultery. And almost everyone--herself included--has a stone to throw.

Enter Sullivan Crisp, a decidedly unorthodox psychologist with his own baggage. He's well-known for his quirky sense of humor and incorporation of "game show" theology into his counseling sessions. And yet there's something more he offers...hope for a fresh start.

Reluctantly the two of them begin an uplifting, uneven journey filled with healing and grace. By turns funny and touching, this story explores the ways humans hurt each other and deceive themselves. And it shows the endlessly creative means God uses to turn stones of accusation and shame into works of beauty that lead us onto the path of healing.

An auspicious debut for a candid yet tender series about pain, healing, and God's invitation for second chances.

This book was not what I expected. It pretty much broke every stereotype of Christian fiction in the first few chapters. It was weird reading about the wife doing the cheating and from her point of view as well. Normally in Christian fiction, the husband is always the bad guy and is usually vilified. This was a change as I strangely found myself feeling sorry for Demi and wishing that her husband would at least listen to her side of the story. Then there was the situation with her son who I found absolutely deplorable especially with the revelation at the end of the story. I'm glad at the way Demi reacted with him, I'm not sure how I could have handled that situation myself. Then, not only is there Demi's story in the book, but then you have another whole subplot dealing with the mystery of who is behind the pictures and blackmail. Combined with the plot to get rid of the school's president this book just builds the story lines on top of each other and blends them seamlessly. Sully's back story is equally as interesting and could be an entire novel itself. I feel like not everything was told in this book, so I think we will learn more about Sully and his family throughout each book in this series. I liked him very much and if he was in practice near me, I would want to see him just to talk with him. This book is not your typical Christian fiction novel. The story is in your face, makes you uncomfortable, and really gets to you. It's not all happily ever after, perfect little Christian family. This book portrays real people in real life situations. It that shows that not everyone is perfect but that we all have been given a second chance in our lives. This is how I feel all Christian books should be. HIGHLY recommended.

Healing Stones
by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn is published by Thomas Nelson (2008)


  1. Wow, that sounds good! I love the cover, too.

  2. I loved this book! I am reading the next in the series, Healing Waters and it is equally as good.


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