Book Review: "Healing Waters" by Nancy Rue and Steven Arterburn

Do You Really Practice What You Preach?

Lucia Coffey does not like herself. She's overweight, has a husband who's overcome a drug addiction and she's the sister of a famous televangelist who believes that belief in the healing power of God will solve everything. She's on task though to change her life to better herself. However that plan comes to a halt when a fiery accident badly injures her sister Sophia, and Lucia steps in to take care of her full time. Now is the time when Sophia is put to the test of her faith and the results are not what she had expected. Lucia is torn between being true to herself and helping out her sister. Enter psychologist Sullivan Crisp who arrives to help Lucia find out who she truly is and how she needs to reshape and heal her life.

Like the first book in the Sullivan Crisp series, reading this book was not like reading your normal Christian fiction book. If you're expecting safe, happy endings, everyone gets along in your fiction, keep moving. From the get go, this book has unhappy people who are frustrated with life and question their faith in God. Lucia is a character that you instantly feel sympathetic towards. As the story progresses and she tells her past to Sullivan, the reader will react the same way he does. It was heartbreaking to read about what type of a life she had to live due to her sister. Thus, there were times throughout the book when I felt like Sophia got what she deserved. I did not like her character at all. The way that she treated people was just uncalled for. Her faith did seem very fair-weathered and it was interesting to see her finally being tested to practice what she preached.

That whole storyline is something you don't normally see in Christian fiction. It's edgy because you wouldn't think to see Christians question the faith of those who believe in the power of healing. We also learn more about Sullivan's family throughout the story, as to what really happened to his wife. I will admit that sometimes these parts were a little show and interrupted the flow of the main story. However I am interested to know if he will ever confront the psychiatrist who gave his wife the faulty advice. That should make for a very interesting meeting. His insight throughout the whole story was a great way to see the plot from a different point of view. Like the first book, there is also a mystery storyline that runs throughout the book. It is very well played out and adds to the complexity of the story.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is not everyday that a Christian book questions the faith of a Christian in such a frank matter. I totally loved it and I am eagerly waiting the release of the next book in the series.

Healing Waters by Nancy Rue and Stephen Arterburn is published by Thomas Nelson (2008)


  1. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Great review, as usual.

  2. I'm going to bump this one up on my TBR pile. Great review!


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