Book Review: "My Sister Dilly" by Maureen Lang

This book will change the way you view life

While Hannah was living out her dream on the California coast and away from her small town home life, her sister Dilly was serving time in prison. While Hannah ran away from her past, Dilly had to stay and remember day after day of the crime she had committed. When Dilly is set free from prison, Hannah returns to take care of her sister and intends make up for not being there all those years. However Dilly has changed and is intent on righting her wrongs, while Hannah doesn't agree with what she's doing. Will Dilly stand up to her sister or will Hannah be forced to give in?

While I was reading this story, all I could keep thinking in my head was "Wow." This is a story you would normally not think of when you think about Christian fiction. This is not your happily ever after, everyone's all lovey-dovey, everything always works out Christian fiction. This book is ripped from the headlines, make yourself really think, in your face fiction. Usually when you hear in the news about mothers who intentionally hurt their kids, your first thought it to condemn the mother. You cannot believe that anyone would want to purposely murder their children and that they must insane to do it. This novel shows the other side to that story and what could possibly make a mother even consider doing that to her child. As a reader, it took me by surprise that I actually felt sympathy towards a mother who did this and anger over the grandmother who wants to protect her grandchild. The story really blew me away by how much I invested into the characters. Dilly's sister, Hannah also touched my heart as well. She wants to protect her sister and is willing to sacrifice her own life to do so. However her reasons behind that are not as "Good Samaritan" as they sound. It's a wonderful character study between the two of them.

My only qualm with the book was that it takes a while before the reader is finally told what exactly happened to put Dilly in jail. It's merely hinted at for about 3/4 of the book. It wasn't a problem but it made me feel like I had missed it somewhere because it kept being subtly mentioned at through most of the book. Otherwise, you will be enthralled by this book. The book is perfect is you're in the mood for something that is not fluffy and really makes you think afterwards. It's a story that stays with you and has you looking twice at everything you've always believed in. One of the most thought-provoking reads of the year. HIGHLY recommended.

My Sister Dilly by Maureen Lang is published by Tyndale (2008)


  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    I love books that make me think and this one sounds good. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hi, Deborah,

    Thanks for the wonderful review! I'm always relieved to hear readers say they sympathized with Dilly, since that was the biggest obstacle for me to overcome. I have a child with a disability myself, although not as medically fragile as Dilly's daughter. So while I understand to some extent the burden, I was one of those people who automatically condemn a woman for such a crime, too. Until I really started thinking about it... Every case is different, I'm sure, but this was my version of one scenario. So glad you thought it worked!


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