Book Review: "Beach Dreams" by Trish Perry

Hot British Guy + Beach Vacation = Happy

Tiffany has recently lost her mother to cancer. She decides that she and her father need to get away, to relax and cope together. A beach vacation out in San Diego seems to be just the thing to help them out. Meanwhile Jeremy's girlfriend Eve has decided she's going to be spending her vacation out at the beach as well. He decides to go visit her and finds out that due to a mix up, Eve and Tiffany are sharing the beach house. What ends up happening after that is a tale of comedy, romance, mixed in with a little surf and sand.

Seeing as how it's winter and 20 degrees outside right now, I wish that I could escape inside the setting of this book. A week at a beach house by the ocean would be a relaxing vacation right now. And that is what reading this book was like. I could picture myself walking on the sand, listening to the waves, sitting out on the deck, watching the sunset, eating fresh seafood. Trish Perry paints a marvelous picture that is a surefire armchair traveler. I have not read the first two books in the original Beach House series by Sally John but from what I can tell it wasn't a hindrance to my reading. I have however read the first two books by Trish Perry that share the same characters. I would have to say out of the three books featuring these characters, this one is my favorite. Jeremy has been the character who's story I've been waiting to read about. It's the British accent and the fact that I kept picturing Jude Law throughout the book. Hot British guy at a beach? I'm so there! Who would have thought I'd be rooting for Tiffany after her appearances in the other two books? She has changed a lot and has become more down to earth, less snotty and a real genuine Christian. She's still learning about her new faith for it's understandable and realistic when her old tendencies pop up every now and then. And wow, I wanted to smack Jeremy's girlfriend, Eve. I did not like her character at all, and I wouldn't have blamed Tiffany at all for going back to her old ways whenever Eve would pop up. I would have to say she's one of the most irritating and vicious characters I've read in a while. The story is great as it flip flops between Jeremy and Tiffany's POVs. I really like the chemistry between them as well as their interactions with the other characters. Overall this book was really fun to read. It's a great way to escape the doldrums of your own life. Just sit back and relax with a fruity drink and pretend you're at the beach enjoying this book. I'll be looking forward to the next one!

Beach Dreams by Trish Perry is published by Harvest House (2008)


  1. Anonymous8:02 AM

    I love the opening line of your review! It made me laugh. Great review, as usual.


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